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Bill O’Lielly edits video of Joe Biden to make it appear as if Biden espouses a unilateral move in shutting down Guantanamo immediately.  O’Lielly accuses Biden of “joining the abuse chorus” (whatever the hell that is) and undermining the war on terrorism.

Al Franken resurrects tape of O’Lielly proposing exactly what Biden proposes regarding Guantanamo…that a commission be instituted first that leads to closing the prison camp.  The Fox News hack conveniently deleted the portion of the Biden interview that represented his position.   There’s a reason people call it Fixed News.


7 thoughts on “Bill O’Lielly Caught Being a Lying Liar Again

  1. Bill o reilly having a career that is considered legitimate is further proof of our general mental decay.

    I was born in a communist, soviet country, where they played similar tricks on us, the viewers. It went something like this, just throw out the most partisan, rapid-fire, hi-powered, high-emotion stream of information…. at a certain point, the viewer is exhausted and has no desire to parse through what information is and is not true…. in America, which is where I was raised and currently live, they’ve worked this to perfection… the most deceitful pro-power station is Fox News, which makes the most powerful claims to be fair and balanced… after a few decades of this style of news (and its been going on hardcore since the late 60s), your average viewer no longer cares to differentiate… it’s too frustrating… the nuggets of truth so hidden as to exhaust the searchers…

    it’s gonna get sooo sooo ugly the next few weeks…

    blog on

    one love, one strength, one hope,
    –reverend manny and the twilight empire

  2. At least a blogging public has caught them off guard. People watch news shows and immediately start firing off complaints.

    I agree things are about to get really ugly. I can’t believe Palin would bring up Wright with her witchhunting pastor and his evil cartoon villain voice.

    The polls are looking promising though. Obama needs to keep widening that lead.

  3. I think, actually, as the feathers really start to fly in this campaign, obama’s gonna look better and better. At first, there was much talk about him being aloof…. yeah , well when the political process is in the outhouse, an aloof person starts looking alittle better. He played it cool and calm from the get-go, even coming out against some anti-Palin ads. Now… he looks more presidential.

    I know he’s a politician, but Obama really is a fairly sharp guy. I’m glad he stuck to his cool-as-a-cucumber approach now.

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny

  4. That’s my take, too. In real life, I’m always appreciative of the person who doesn’t flip their shit during a crisis. The energy should go to problem-solving, not drama.

  5. I lurve Al Franken and I’m glad he showed up Mr. O’Lielly. Cool as a cucumber is my idea of a good President as well. It will keep us out of over the top ‘war-baby-war’ moments.

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Al Franken! I wish I could vote for him!!!!! His “…Lying Liars…” book was terrific!

    Bill O’Lielly makes me want to vomit.

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