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Grab the duct tape and plastic sheeting, all hell is about to break according to TV snake oil salesman Pat Robertson.  The evangelical charlatan foretells nuclear attacks on American coastal cities.  The play by play goes something like this:  Israel nukes Iran which retaliates, Russia steps in and nukes U.S. seaboards.

All this can be averted, of course, by sending Pat Robertson LOTS of money.


8 thoughts on “Pat Robertson’s Prophetic Bullshitting in Overdrive

  1. You’ve just made a case to send more money to Barack Obama’s campaign. Robertson has made a killing off faith based initiatives under Bush. It’s unbelievable that lunatics have credibility.

  2. I love it. Funny thing how religious folks always demand “faith” of us. Why? Cuz if we were to examine their irrational ramblings, and compare them to the details of what ACTUALLY HAPPENED, we’d be less pre-disposed to listen to them.

    As for Sarah Palin… She’s that particularly noxious brand of politician that doesn’t need silly things like facts, morals or any semblance of logic on her side. It’s that particularly cynical bend of both Democrat and Republican that believes that winning over the american populace is nothing more than a cattle vs. prong operation.

    But Sarah Palin takes the cake. Man, oh man,… she takes the cake and the whole moron bakery.

    Stay sharp. Thanks for the great posts.

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

  3. unfortunately, my Faith is in Humankind…. you know how the government hates investing in “that”…. all that wasteful earmarked spending pushed by the “pro-humanity” lobbyists and their cronies in washington…. damn them all!

    just think of what could happen? a kind, educated and innovative populace!!! we can’t have that!! how the hell are we gonna sell them hannah montanah folders and new cel phones every 4 months? And if they get all motivated, who’s gonna watch the commercials we pay so much to put on?!

    Is that really what you wanna see writechic? A world hellbent on respect, decency, and human rights? You really want things to get that rational?

    Then what would happen to our Fake Economy?!! Eegadz!! We might even have to sober up as a nation!!!!


    no no no….. we can’t have that sort of sanity going on….

    after all….

    this is America

    Live Free, Die Funny,
    –Reverend Manny and the Twilight Empire

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