h/t heathr456

Chris Matthews hits on the points that concerned me during the debate.  He mentions Sarah Palin’s comments on expanding the power of the Vice-President.  While Palin did say that’s what she wanted, I can’t be sure that’s what she meant.  Here’s why…several times while speaking she seemed to forget what she was answering.  The first part of her sentences would sound like an answer to a question then the remainder of the sentences would be addressing something else entirely.


3 thoughts on “Palin’s Disjointed Talking Points

  1. Joe pulled off the impossible! He wasn’t just cordial; he was gentlemanly! He didn’t hold back in correcting her misleading statements though. He exuded veteran confidence sans the hubris. He didn’t try to steal the show either.

    And though Palin is painful for me to have to pay attention to because she seems like a caricature (Bobby’s Mom moves to Mayberry) and has all the grammatical technique of George W. Bush in sentence smithing, I really took pride in America for the absense of sexism in the debate. We’ve come a long way, baby.

  2. I knew I was going to love anything he did (I freely admit my bias), but it’s good to know that my read wasn’t too awfully skewed. Even the indies and the undecideds thought he won. The end of “1984” has been a long time coming. Let’s hope it really gets here soon. I wish we could vote tomorrow!

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