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It’s VP Debate Eve!  Bill Maher tells the hosts of The View he sees no possibility of Palin delivering a good performance.  Jed Lewison at Huffpo thinks she might radically surprise everybody.  Lewison bases his assessment on Palin’s gubernatorial debates.  She’s not horrible in those debates, but she still puts words in the wrong order making for awkward diction while getting her points across.  I’m leaning towards Maher’s prediction simply because Palin is not versed in the recent history of the nation or world.  If she was running for Vice President of Alaska, she’d be fine.


6 thoughts on “Maher’s No Confidence Vote in Palin

  1. Can I make a prediction here? Everyone knows I’m an Obama supporter, but I think Palin will “win” this debate.
    She will answer by giving a quick fact or two, followed by a dig at Biden. After awhile, Joe will get angry over these digs, throw his hands out and say, “C’mon…”
    Biden will be justified for being upset by Palin’s childish, churlish antics, but will come across as being mean. Then, Palin will play the victim role.
    This whole election is about perception. Facts and common sense don’t matter. In this current climate, Biden is, unfortunately, a sitting duck…

  2. Brave prediction, Kurt. He did great during the primary debates. And he has witnessed the spectacle of Sarah Palin. He really doesn’t have to get upset about her. She’s such a lightweight on non-Alaska topics.

  3. LOL @ redeye…

    She did do better than most people thought she would. She still didn’t answer the questions and it appeared she thought she could get through it by being cutesy. Now some people may like that (I don’t know why), but she didn’t inspire any confidence in her abilities in me.

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