h/t Mezaan

Police in Dayton, Ohio say they have no evidence of hate being the motivation for crime that happened Friday (September 26, 2008) at a local mosque. A child victim told investigators she saw two men standing outside the window when one sprayed her in the face.

Mosque members describe burning sensations and shortness of breath. One member called police, and HAZMAT crews failed to find chemical traces on the girl or in the building. HAZMAT Chief Coordinator Denny Bristow told The Dayton News, “Whatever chemical was released it dissipated too quickly for us to determine what it was.”

The suspect sprayed into a room of full of women and children. More than 300 Muslims who were celebrating Ramadan had to be evacuated.

Updated: Some worshippers at the mosque blame the release of an anti-Islam DVD for the assault.  NPR has reported Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West is being distributed without charge in swing states as a Republican scare tactic.


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