h/t Adam Anger and Wonkette

Hey look it’s John McCain, doing a “rap.”  Silly liberals.  Don’t you know that if you can pronounce the name of a Muslim, then YOU are a Muslim too?  –Jim Newell


4 thoughts on “McCain’s Ahmadinejad ReMix

  1. As if I needed another reason to hate rap!

    Can’t wait for all the ammo sure to come from the debate on Thursday.

    Unless, of course, Sarah suddenly needs to step down and spend more time with her family (wink).

  2. …if she refuses to spend more time with her family, I say more time with Katie Couric.

    And Gwen Iflll is moderating, wow, it’s gonna swell. Do you think Palin is terrified or is that soul of an Amway salesman saving her from realizing what’s she is up against?

  3. Sarah is actually a good debater and I’m sure she is being prepped. Think of the movie Legally Blond and the LSAT Sorority Prep. Sarah will be there, and she will be ready. Sarah Baracuda vs Joey the Shark.

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