McCain declares himself a winner in the debate that hasn't happened yet!

McCain declares himself a winner in the debate that hasn't happened yet.

You’re looking at a screenshot of a McCain ad that touts his victory at tonight’s debate! Yes, the debate that only today he decided he would show up for–because he had to save the economy…cough, cough, manufactured drama!

The McCain campaign orchestrates the run for the highest office in the land like Schoenberg makes music.

It’s bad.  I was thinking about the headline:  “The Politics of Being a Big, Fat Liar.”  That doesn’t really cover the scope of deception going on here though.


6 thoughts on “McCain’s Manufactured Drama

  1. When I saw that “McCain Wins Debate” poster, naturally I thought, “Uh. John. I don’t think you understand the concept of ‘forfeit.’ Maybe somebody told you that the only chance you had of winning was to not show up, but technically that isn’t how it works.”

  2. Thanks for the link. I watched PBS then caught the tail end of NBC’s Fact Checking Report.

    I read also the people in Oxford, Mississippi were infuriated with McCain jeopardizing their debate. I wonder if this is the last we’ll hear of McCain’s Side Show.

  3. I watched the debates from London, England. When the debates were over, British newscasters commented on who they thought came ahead in the debates. Not once did anyone say John McCain. The fact that he has printed that he won the debates is enough to seem like truth to his supporters. Liars seem to continue lying unless chastised publicly. I wish there was an ad that reads ‘McCain did not win and he is a liar who cannot be trusted.’

  4. Hi, steadycat! McCain’s no good, very bad week had to have colored the American response. It was brutal (deservedly so). Even the Wall Street Journal as well as a host of other conservative writers declared Obama the winner. Among Independent voters 78% said Obama won or it was a draw. 22% said McCain. From the regular folk demographic:

    A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll shows 46% of people who watched Friday night’s presidential debate say Democrat Barack Obama did a better job than Republican John McCain; 34% said McCain did better.

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