h/t earthpro9

David Letterman wielded his mighty discontent with GOP candidate John McCain.  He cancelled claiming to be heading back to Washington, but Letterman staff saw McCain down the hall being interviewed by Katie Couric.

Letterman showed video of McCain in make-up while on set with Katie Couric.  The late night host yelled at the video, Need a ride to the airport?!


4 thoughts on “Letterman Hates Being Lied To…

  1. How about the look on Keith’s face as Letterman’s blood was boiling? That was just too precious.
    You know, if McCain wanted to play it up, he could have made his campaign suspension announcement ON Letterman’s show.
    Not only did he miss a huge opportunity, he made one very important person very, very mad…

  2. Crazy, eh? Letterman seemed to be fixed in a moment of exasperation and irritation. Olbermann was enjoying the ride, almost playing the part of listening, caring therapist. And you’re right, McCain missed an opportunity. That’s how Republicans roll.

  3. Ironic how the social conservatives seem fine with lying as long as it helps their side.

    McCain is rapidly losing his image as a “maverick” and a “reformer”. But that’s all it was.. an image.

    The only way the republicans could possibly win this one is if they keep McCain – Palin as sequestered from the news media as possible. Naturally, that’s actually what they’re trying.

    Thanks for posting this.

    One Love,
    –Reverend Manny

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