ht rulez

American tv networks had a “Network” moment.  The McCain campaign tried to orchestrate Palin’s visit to the United Nations as a photo op only event.  Five news organizations came to a consensus at one point that they would ban the story from their broadcasts if they were not allowed to do more than take pictures.  From CNN:

CNN does not send cameras into candidate events where editorial presence is not allowed.”

The McCain camp could not abide zero coverage of their VP debutante ball at the UN.  A CNN producer was allowed in with the pool photographer.

Even Fox News was uptight.  Awesome video snag from The Jed Report:



One thought on “The Would-be VP Debutante Ball…That Almost Wasn’t

  1. Leave it to Republicans to take a perfectly simple opportunity for good press coverage and not just waste it, but turn it into a damn fiasco. Scrap the party. Start over.

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