I was hoping the I-only-buy-American-cars lie told by McCain would not get lost in the economic hysteria.  McCain owns 13 cars, a few are foreign.  This ad is airing in Michigan where they used to make a lot of cars.


5 thoughts on “Obama Jumps on Foreign Car Fib

  1. Was there a time in McCain’s life when he got away with repeated lying? What makes him think lying will go unchecked?

  2. Don’t you think that, after seeing the unconscionably slack efforts by our press in holding the current administration accountable for the myriad of lies it has promulgated on the public, McCain is probably caught off guard by the fact that the ol’ watchdog press may be coming out of its coma? I mean, ads like this one are only effective when people can “fact check” in their newspaper … which is what we used to be able to do with some confidence in times past.

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