Brought to you by the people who make a killing off the price of oil…The American Petroleum Institute.

I’m tired of seeing this API tart tout drilling under the guise of energytomorrow.org.

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54 thoughts on “EnergyTomorrow dot Org Ad Pisses Me Off

    • This is the most ill conceived blog I’ve ever seen. You should be behind big oil. There is no alternative to oil right now, and none that can replace oil for at least 25 years. Your man Obama is corrupt as we all watch the scandals pile up.

      • I agree with you George. Although I support development of alternative energy, it will take a long time for it to fully supplant oil. We need oil also, obtained as cleanly as possible, at least until green energy sources are fully ready to be a dominant component. And no reason to snipe at the beautiful lady in these ads; she’s just doing a job; she’s done ads for the Nexium drug and other things. Most likely, she’s a former model. Whatever you may think of the big oil interests behind this ad, don’t blame this lovely gal for just making her living.

        • I agree with Jeffrey Hastings. So what if I never get laid and lick my monitor every time this actor commits a logical fallacy. Some people really like shrimp without eyes.

        • She’s a former Foxnewsmodel, but whatever, man. Take up for the “purdy” lady shilling for the American Petroleum Institute. The world is your bar. (Oh, look. It’s closing time and guess who’s not getting laid.)

  1. Aha! No, I hadn’t seen it until now. The ad also flashes up “U.S. Dept. of Labor and Natural Resources” as a cite for statistical authority, but it looks like a “brought to you by the U.S. Dept. …”

    Of course, no statistics are offered for how much energy could be netted from drilling where the oil companies already have rights to drill. The ad also conveniently ignores the biggest environmental problem caused by fossil fuels (as usual): global warming.

    I’m telling you, this power grab that started with “Dick” Cheney’s secret energy panel is still ongoing and relentless. The invasion of Iraq was just “Phase I” I fear.

  2. “But unlike many countries our Congress puts much of it (potential off shore drilling sites) off limits. A majority of Americans say THAT should change.”

    The old Shock Doctrine employed again successfully. I heard last night that Atlanta is being allowed to use dirtier burning gasoline to combat the “fuel shortages.”

        • nice retort, shitstain. that the best you could do?

          libz are just too fucking easy….

          get back to eating your dyke pal’s tuna special.


          • Dang, it took you 8 minutes and 9 seconds to come up with those 4 tiny lines? Maybe while you were writing, you romanced a pig or some other farm animal since you’re in the thriving metropolis of Springdale, Arkansas on dial-up I guess, or you really just are SpEd material. S—L—O—W.

            Well, I thought about bringing up your party’s religious perverts. Then I thought about your party’s penchant for child touching and protecting the pervs (ie. Hastert), then there’s the “I love gang rape” bunch.

            However, your closet gay conservatives are actually funny.

            (So, how are the Clintons? 🙂 )

  3. Aside from the disingenuousness of the ad that speaks of “clean gas” as if it was a form of energy now available, there is another rather annoying aspect of this ad. We’re told that oil and gas will produce “well paying jobs.” Jobs can pay well; that is HOW they pay. HOW is an adverb. On the other hand, those jobs are supposedly good-paying jobs, the good-paying modifying the noun and working as an adjective. It’s disgusting that an organization with that much money can’t afford to hire writers who are on more intimate terms with the English language.

  4. We always refer to it as the “TABBY” ad. And we have noticed that the add goes dormant when gas prices rise, and comes back when gas prices are low, as if to justify the impending rise in prices once again. Why “Tabby”? Because T-A-B is Tight-Assed-Bitch!

    • I’ll bet you’re right, rs. It’s just infuriating that something so obviously false could be peddled as gospel with fancy graphics and an above average looking spokesmodel.

  5. What good fortune for governments that the people do not think……..Adolph Hitler
    It seems like it is also good for corporations.

  6. Wow, way late…and this party is already over. Twice in one day I google something and have to sift through the wingnuts i.e. umpteen on one wing and one waaay out on the other. What prompted me to take time out of my…uh…busy day…was the opening “tart” reference. I learned Brooke Alexander’s identity because she was exactly the opposite…an unprovocatively dressed woman plying her trade. What a double standard! I reckon “tart” is mdking’s equivalent of a fat chick labeling any woman with a decent BMI as “STICK thin”. And for the rest of you, unless you weave your own hemp towels and skate boarded to work, you ARE part of the same machine that Dick Cheney thinks he’s protecting. B-S is a human condition equally dispersed about the mean. And screw Truth, I’ll take truthfulness any day. Insert smiley face >>>>>>here<<<<<<

    • Not late at all, John. Energy Tomorrow is pushing their tripe during commercials for the Olympics. The story lives.

      Mdking here. When you whore yourself in doublespeak for API pushing a profit and political agenda over truth…tart is the nice thing to say….doesn’t matter if you’re buck naked or dressed all spiffy like. But you’re a conservative. Wouldn’t occur to you to scratch more than the surface. I know. I ask a lot.

      (Pssst. Sitting at your computer will go much better when you get that stick out of your ass. Four hours on my site alone geesh..)

      • Okay…traffic meter says you’ve landed again. Is it gonna take you 4 hours to write this comment. Cuz it’s my bed time. The hemp bedspread is a-calling.

  7. 1.not a repub
    2. not a dude
    3. used internetiquette – you didn’t
    4. was parked on your site whilst doing far less important things…sorry
    adios hermana

  8. It’s rather interesting that these megazillionaires have to spend so much money on prime time TV ads to trying and convince couch potatoes that they aren’t really just raping the environment, not paying taxes, cheating on their royalty statements (when they actually pay them), acting like dictators after an oil spill, taking our oil reserves and putting them on the world market and then acting like THAT is going to affect local oil prices (and how ??), and that so many sad people out there then feel the need to defend these zillionaire crooks and attack people who dare criticize them and ask for explanations? just wondering.

  9. So amusing also, that the right wing zealot defenders of these corporate slime have such limited vocabularies. As if it takes a liberal, or a homosexual, or a communist, or a Muslim, to ask for accountability and responsibility from the megacorporations who already are such hogs for corporate welfare, who export jobs, resist worker safety regulations, and do so many things do diminish our resources, our health, economy and way of life.

  10. Yeah, those Muslims and communists are known for their stewardship of safety and environment.as well as their accountability for actions large and small. Let’s get back to Brooke Alexander; she’s more interesting and probably far more of a hottie… Cheerio.

    • 10 bazillion liberals in San Francisco, and you want to fuck with me. What happened to “adios, hermana”? It meant so much to me.

      Furthermore, for the bigotry, fuck off.

  11. The commerical is disgusting. With the economy god, it’s really scary to know what’s going to be destroyed in drinking water and clean air for a few more decades of this nonsense lifestyle of everything fueled by fossil fuels. As if its even neccessary. WE could all live such healthy lives, but ah, a globabl media dictatorship. it does not require no social dissent, rather it just requires speaking last-ala-it’s in the right. For the pigs who been arguing up their early- i’m sure y ou’re mostly just an animal with a pamper complex- or a corporate disinformation employee. trying living without air conditioning for a moment or riding a bike for a year, you wont’ die, and you’ll be disguised by cars after your short bicycle tenure.

  12. I also thought this thing was disgusting the first time I saw it- that bitch prancing all over a US map, the condescending tone, the lies, the usual message that this has to be true so the 50 percent of Americans with IQ’s of 100 or less (90 percent Repub’s and Fox news watchers…) will immediately think it is as true as that bible they cling to so desperately- such a nice formula for them- it always works so well. Yes brought to you by the people of America’s Oil and Natural Gas Industry- of course- especially the 1 percent of them that make a gazillion bucks off of the rest of us while they cut all of the trees, pollute the rivers and lakes and leave no stone unturned to make sure no spotted owls are out there hiding somewhere. And why the frac are those frac’ing chemicals still unidentified they are pumping into the ground water? Good idea? Unquestionably indeed- NOT!

    • Your thoughts pretty much mirror mine regarding this advertising. From the very first time I saw one of these ads I just bristled, and much of it was just a visceral response to the bitchy, condescending blonde who spews petroleum industry lies. I feel somewhat vindicated in knowing that I’m not alone in my observations.

  13. You are ignorant. Drilling in third world countries is still drilling on earth. America is the only country in which we have control over the cleanliness and environmental precautions practiced at the well site. Do you think that these precautions would take place in third world countries? Rite now 85% of our energy in America is produced from burning coal. Coal is extremely pollutant. Natural gas has nearly zero emissions. I am an oilfield worker. I hate this battle for oil and I wish so badly that people in America would widen up and see the difference between natural gas and oil. It would mean job security for me and a cleaner place to live for my children.

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