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If you thought Obama had a pastor problem, it’s time to retool your notion of fringy Traveling Salvation Shows.  VP Candidate Sarah Palin credits Pastor Thomas Muthee with her winning the gubernatorial race in Alaska.  The Irregular Times writes about the pastor’s history with literal witch hunts a.k.a. the ruthless persecution of women.

Muthee wanted to get control over the town of Kiambu, Kenya – a place just outside of Nairobi. Not content to set up a church and slowly gain the trust of the local inhabitants, Muthee decided to get publicity and gain political power through a piece of cruel theater.

Muthee chose a local woman named Mama Jane who happened to work as a fortune teller. Mama Jane had never caused much trouble before, but she was an important target for Muthee, because she was a close associate of town’s leaders. Muthee accused Mama Jane of being a sorceress – a witch who was engaging in spiritual warfare to curse to town of Kiambu.”


5 thoughts on “Palin Pastor, a Witch Hunter–For Real

  1. HAHAHAHAHA…. i just saw the whole video of this guy praying for Palin… wow… holy fucking crap…. i can’t believe someone who would stoop to that level of lo-tech pomp and bullshit is really a major party nominee for VP…

    Thomas Muthee is friggin out there… check out his site sometime…. its enough to give a devout atheist, such as myself, quite a fucking scare…

    dark times ahead

    one love, one hope,
    –reverend manny and the twilight empire

  2. I don’t understand. Where the hell are the grown-ups in the RNC? And what does it say about us if McPalin and the Rapture-holics win this election?

    One Love,
    –Rev M

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