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Debate Porridge makes a scrappy call to the Ohio Board of Elections after a Daily Kos diary on voter purging.    Election officials answer questions like “How do you vote if you’ve lost your home?”  Diebold now peddling its wares under the name Premier is still the voting machine being relied upon to tally the count.

Meanwhile, Democrats file an injunction against the Michigan GOP for marshalling an effort to purge voters facing foreclosure.

Mark Crispin Miller says Republicans will use theocrat Sarah Palin to explain a McCain win.  Even though the VP candidate is inspiring no “Christian surge” in registration.  But that won’t be the first reason:

In fact, that claim will be the secondary “explanation” for McCain and Palin’s “win.” The first, of course, will be Obama’s race, and the sad “fact” that America’s just not ready to vote for a black man.”  We will hear endlessly (as we have already) about “the Bradley effect,” and how it struck again, with millions of white folks who had openly approved Obama suddenly deciding, in the sanctum of the voting booth, to vote like Klansmen, thereby electing John McCain.”

You can see Mark Crispin Miller lecture on election fraud emphasizing the process and consequences of a compromised democracy and the implications for the 2008 election.


6 thoughts on “Ohio Voter Purge

  1. I was never counting on Ohio to put Obama over the top, the GOP has that state under lock and key. Michigan bothers me, because that state will be close, and the republicans are outright breaking the law to steal a state which Obama should barely eek out a win.
    What the republicans have done to our so-called “democratic process” over the last couple of elections is disgusting.

  2. I was at the convenience store a couple of days ago and an election story was playing on the radio. This young black woman behind the counter told me she’s not even going to vote. She thinks the process is rigged and her vote won’t count. In Alabama, I’m sure she’s right.

    It’s hard not to despair. It makes me wonder what sort of lead could put a dent in the cheating.

  3. I live in Pa., and I know a couple of African-Americans who aren’t going to vote. They told me they were afraid to even register. What does that say about the country we live in?

  4. So the fact that Obama is a dangerous socialist is less important than his race? Which is it? Can you leave his race out of it for a second and focus on the issues?

  5. The fact that John McCain is a fascist and Sarah Palin is a christian extremist matter more than Barack Obama’s race.

    Note to neocon fascist republicans resurrecting Jim Crowe: go fuck yourselves.

  6. Trey,
    It’s “Jim Crow”. Get it right. When Palin ran against Frank Murkowski (a Christian conservative) for AK governor, she was painted by her opponent as a “dangerous libertarian” and opposed to traditional family values. Now she runs for vice president and she becomes a “Christian extremist”? How do you square that? I think you’re reading too much Kos and Matt Damon. Do a bit of homework before making derisive comments.

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