We will take no lectures from John McCain who is cynically running the sleaziest and least honorable campaign in modern Presidential campaign history. His discredited ads with disgusting lies are running all over the country today. He runs a campaign not worthy of the office he is seeking.”  –Obama Campaign

The Obama Campaign finally makes an answer to the smears and sleaze dished out by the McCain camp.  The effectiveness comes from quoting observations outside the Democratic candidate’s own circle.  Even Karl Rove says openly McCain’s ads went too far.  (Rove prefers a lower profile on his own sleazy efforts).


5 thoughts on ““Truth Be Damned” Ad

  1. You strain out a nat and swallow a camel.

    Both the Democrats and Republicans have sold our nation out.

    Democrats helped this administration ok abuses of power and unconstitutional laws to wait until the election to grab power for themselves.

    The Republicans are pure grab power and abuse it for profit with a plan to alter the form of government of the USA.

    There are no clean actors in the drama.

    Of course the Republicans use dirty tactics, why not, the only objective is to dismantle the Constitution for personal gain under a new form of government.

    The Democrats have not said a peep about the Nation being bankrupt today, nor of the abuse of power and lawlessness of the past 8 years.

    Looking at the election from the point of view of the Constitution- no one has addressed or corrected the election fraud of the last eight years, the starting point for any serious correction of the rest of the madness that has been poured upon us.

    The USA is bankrupt.
    That is not even an issue, just grabbing power by one side or the other.

    You are distracted from what is going on today here, and no side speaks the truth.

  2. You lose your point speaking in generalities…babies out with the bathwater since you like metaphors. Not all Democrats and all Republicans have sold out our country. Ever hear of Dennis Kucinich? Chuck Hagel has been decent. If the Senate had a real democratic majority, Congress could have undone some of Bush’s constitutional slash and burn.

    I don’t see Election fraud flying as part of a party platform. I personally just do not think people can believe it or stomach it. That doesn’t mean paper ballots can’t become a legislative priority.

  3. It depends on who is doing the polling and who the pollster pol zak.

    The pollsters are polling more likely Republican voters than they are likely Democratic voters and hardly any African American or Hispanic voters.

    It’s the pollsters.

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