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Hurricane Ike left a field of horrors for workers in Orange County, Texas.  About 100 caskets rose from their resting places in the Hollywood Cemetery after flood waters covered the area.  The chain link fence that surrounds the site prevented the coffins from floating into surrounding neighborhoods.


2 thoughts on “Hurricane Ike Raises the Dead

  1. The story about the caskets rising from the ground is the only story I have found on the net about the Orange Cove area.
    What is the death toll in the Orange area from Ike? I heard that there were alot & I have seen nothing on tv except the Hopuston and Galveston areas. I grew up in the Cove and have family there and I haven’t anything from them and I can’t get into that area yet.
    I am appalled. Scared. Sad.
    Sorry about the syntax

  2. Hi, Lisa.

    Call the Coast Guard. They were very helpful when I couldn’t contact family members after Katrina. At least they could give you an idea about what’s going on. Look at local newspapers online. Houston may have a message board that talks about the smaller communities on the coast. I read on Orange’s website that they were under a mandatory evacuation, but that’s the last message.

    Coast Guard Phone: (713) 578-3080

    After Hours: (832) 293-1304

    Here’s Orange’s email address:


    Good luck. I know it’s an awful feeling being cutoff from the people and places you care about. Bridge City was mentioned last night on Nightly News. There was a lot of damage to homes. 8 feet of water and swamp grass everywhere.

    Hug yourself for me. Take care.


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