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ABC News reports on Governor Sarah Palin bullying the Wasilla town librarian.  Palin took issue with the book, Pastor, I am Gay because the author Howard Bess insisted gay people are human and deserving of love and kindness.   An Amazon review sums up the book this way:

A Baptist minister challenges Christian churches to re-examine their ideas and prejudices and to look at gays and lesbians as the human beings they are, as diverse a group as any others. He looks at the scriptures long used to justify the judgment and discrimination the churches use against these people, and then suggest ways in which the church and its members can begin to right some of the wrongs done in its name. This book should be read by all who call themselves Christians.”

Palin fired the librarian, but the woman was reinstated after the community voiced outrage.

Fahrenheit -451, the temperature of Sarah Palin’s humanity.


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