I think I watched this video looking for a grief that far surpassed my own experience on 911.  I want perspective for myself.  Given the wreck I was when Katrina affected my family, I really admire the strength of New Yorkers and all the ordinary people who experienced September 11th directly.

One of the images that seared itself into my consciousness was the man caught in mid-fall at the WTC.

A lot of people construe the jumpers as suicides, and I’m not of that lot.  I see those people as having made a choice.  Perhaps between two types of death.  Perhaps most never eliminated the possibility they would survive, however broken.  After all you do hear occasionally about the skydiver that lives to tell about the faulty parachute.

The man’s body in the photograph is positioned as the hanged man.  The archetype symbolizes a release, accepting what is, surrendering to experience, ending the struggle, being vulnerable and open, giving up control, and accepting God’s will.


2 thoughts on “Remembering the Falling Man

  1. Dear W.C.,

    At work, I am likely to write the date dozens of times throughout the day. Yesterday, with each notation, I found myself growing angrier and angrier, to a point I rarely reach anymore.

    Angry, of course, at Bin Laden and his ilk. Angry at religious extremists of any stripe. Angry at Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the Neocons and their enablers. Angry at myself and my fellow citizens for letting things get this way in the first place.

    But most of all, angry about the mind-numbing, selfish stupidity of the human race that prevents us from acting out of true enlightened self-interest toward the betterment of all. We’ve turned a garden into a landfill.

  2. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, you. I did a bit of reflection for a post on another site, and it’s really sad remembering. I worked in a newsroom that day, and terrified people called actually wanting to know if it was the end of the world.

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