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Debunking Sarah Palin’s claim as an earmark reformer, TPMtv breaks down pork money per capita in Alaska versus Illinois.  The bullshit flies from the McCain/Palin camp with such a fury it’s hard to keep up.


7 thoughts on “Pigs Come Home to Roost

  1. I know! It’s a good thing Cheney and Bush have us in such good shape keeping track of les Scandals du jour, but it’s getting hard to keep an eye on both sets of Bobbsey Twins!

  2. I think I smell a mixed metaphor there aye?!

    But funny.
    Great post. Thanks.

    You have to wonder how stupid they think we are.
    This is another GOP Trojan Horse.

    They find Clarence Thomas, the only black man in America who hates civil rights and make him a Supreme Court justice.
    They invent death from the sky and call it a Patriot Missile.
    They rape the environment and call it the “Healthy Forests Initiative”
    They spy on Americans and call it the “Patriot Act.”

    Now they put up Bush in bra and call it “change!”
    Give me a break!

  3. It seems that so many people accept little words and jingles as reality. I am still shocked by the numbers of people that don’t want to use their brains. Sometimes i wish I was an idiot and could live in a little fantasy bubble – just like the McCain/Palin believers.

  4. Yes, indeed, christian liberal, The Clear Skies Initiative shuffled around polluter output without reducing it! Suzanne laments on her site that 1984 has been a hell of a long year.

  5. You’ve done it again writechic! Great headline as usual. Here are some others for your consideration:

    If the Pig Fits.

    As the Pigs Fly.

    ChristianLiberal, love your moniker and your metaphors. Put Bush in a bra and call it change, LOL!

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