Twins separated at birth?

From the Fox News interview, Rove on calling to boot Lieberman from VP list:

Anchor Barbie: Did you call him?

Rove: I-I-I’m not going to get into who I call and don’t call, but this, this report that I called Senator Lieberman and told him “you call Senator McCain and withdraw from the vice-presidential” [sic] is incorrect.

Anchor Barbie: Did you talk with Senator Lieberman at all about his Vice Presidential prospects?

Rove: Um, look, I-I-I I’ve said what I’m gonna say about the politico report.  It’s wrong.

While you toil to tell who is the real Porky, I strongly advise people to take note.  This is what Karl Rove looks like when he lies, th-th-that is, wh-wh-wh-when he l-l-lies.  Remember Stephanopoulos pressing Rove?

Rove: Uh, uh, I read about uh,…I’m gonna simply say what I said before which is I found out about Don Siegelman’s investigation and indictment by reading about it in the newspaper.

Stephanopoulos: …but that’s not a denial.

Rove: Uh, I, I, I’ve, I’ve, uh, uh, ee, uh, you know, I read about, I heard about it, read about, learned about it for the first time about by reading it in the newspaper.

Th-th-th-that’s all, folks!


11 thoughts on “The Real Porky Pig or Karl Rove’s Non-Denying Denial

  1. Eewww, I cannot stand Karl Rove. And I’m disgusted that House Judiciary committee is allowing him to get away with disobeying the rules of law and procedures in this country.

    Keep the pig, jail the swine.

  2. Don’t be offended, jeep. I’m given to episodic speech impediments, but it’s not because I’m lying.

    And that’s Karl Rove, not Dick Cheney….I know six dozen demons versus half dozen devils.

  3. Hopefully, tree, they’ll take him on with a contempt charge in September. Speaker Pelosi told Don Siegelman the House will act in September.

    btw, great line, “keep the pig, jail the swine.”

  4. And here’s why Politico’s report is “wrong.” It’s like he said: he didn’t tell Joe Lieberman to call “Senator McCain.” He told Joe to call “John McCain.” Or possibly McCain’s campaign manager. Or maybe he just said “Call John …”

    To him, that’s “telling the truth” because that’s how he rolls.

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