Still Image from

Above: Still Image from McCain Ad/ Below: Still Image from Bush Ad

As someone who has worked nearly a decade with video editors, I can tell you it’s highly improbable either of these still frames from GOP ads is an accident.  Especially among talented editors dealing with 30 seconds of video, audio and graphics.   Editing is done with painstaking precision.  Editors view and review their work repeatedly before its finished.  In the anti-Obama ad, the editor inserted a “window” darkening the edges of the Barack Obama photo until the “C” was barely visible and the “E” was out of frame.

The Raw Story snagged a response from the McCain campaign on the HANG-Obama shot:

We’re not even validating such an outrageous and preposterous claim with a comment.”

Raw Story also has the video from the Fox ad where you can take a look at the video yourself.

The Bush Campaign, which was also under the direction of Karl Rove, used a moving close up on the word democrats in their ad, finishing on the word RATS as in democrats.  This was just as much a joke to deny since the editor had to tell the editing software to do the close up on the word rats.

Just another case of “more of the same.”


2 thoughts on “McCain & Co, You Dirty “Rats”

  1. It’s interesting the company that made the ad refused to comment.

    This is as unbelievable as it is awful. If mailing threatening letters is a federal crime (and it is), how is this ad any different? Threatening a president’s successor is also a federal crime. This may not rise to the level of a “true threat” under the law, but that is walking one helluva line.

    Thanks team McCain, for demonstrating your utter irresponsibility and lack of judgement (and taste) AND your dishonesty.

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