When confronted by Fox News Clown Griff Jenkins, protesters in Denver took a page from the Dick Cheney Guide to Etiquette and Cheeky Repartee. I believe it’s “Fuck Fox News” accompanying those one-finger salutes.

Jenkins, showing his penchant for a tried and true form of GOP debate, quickly constructs a strawman live and on scene, then tear it up.  He posits the protesters hate Freedom of Speech as the reason they will not engage him civilly.  Fox News anchor Barbie (model no. 647) shows her own deftness in thought by resurrecting Jenkins’ strawman in her recap while feigning concern for his safety.


4 thoughts on “So Typically Fox News

  1. Surprise, surprise, only I think that would hurt Moranis’ feelings. The reporter did sound like the Ghostbusters character though.

  2. LOL! He looks like Moranis and he sounds just like Moranis’ character in “Ghostbusters!”

    As an aside, I can’t imagine why “disgraced professor” Churchill wouldn’t want to talk to Rick. I wonder if he said, “Hey! Disgraced professor guy! Gotta minute?” Nor can I imagine why anyone would doubt that Faux News is really interested in giving “the leftists” – hey, look at that graphic; they spelled “commiepinkomarxistbastards” wrong – an opportunity to share their message.

    Barbie model no. 647 was pretty funny too.

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