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In the same way 911 became the hub of all Rudy Giuliani’s communications, POW is now John McCain & Company’s answer when questions are tough.  Steven Benen sees the pattern:

The McCain campaign is road-testing a new argument in responding to Obama’s criticism of his number-of-houses gaffe, an approach the McCain camp has never tried before: The houses gaffe doesn’t matter because … he was a P.O.W.!

“This is a guy who lived in one house for five and a half years — in prison,” spokesman Brian Rogers told the Washington Post.

When the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, a close Bush ally, publicly questioned McCain’s marital infidelities, the McCain campaign responded by highlighting McCain’s background as a prisoner of war.

When Dems attacked McCain’s healthcare plan in May, McCain responded by noting his background as a prisoner of war.

Benen highlights more examples.  Yet, McCain has in the past professed a hesitancy to discuss his POW experience. Why are things different now except that McCain feels he needs a telflon coating.

Sam Stein at the Huffington Post picks up on cynically played POW card.

I suspect McCain cloaking himself in his Vietnam experience as a protection from scrutiny will only end up making the candidate appear pitiful and out of touch.  Vietnam was four decades ago.  People want answers about now.

Plus, we see how far 911 carried Giuliani.


4 thoughts on “Trivializing the POW Experience

  1. At least a couple of months ago I saw a clip where McCain was asked about healthcare and answered to the effect of “Well, I didn’t have very good healthcare for five years….”etc. It was actually very funny in an unintentional kind of way. At that moment he fell into the same category as Rudy “911, 911, 911” Guliani for me. I’m just glad that the media is finally picking up on this because it’s freaking ridiculous.

  2. I get my health care, when available, at the San Diego V.A.

    They’re sort of busy, (heck of a job, Georgie!) and it is gut-wrenching to see what they deal with on a daily basis.

    An old Nam era vet like myself w/ old guy problems is hardly a priority.

    And McLame has a 20% voting record on Veteran issues.

    When he shows up!

    The VFW loves him.

    Obama has an 80% voting record on Veteran’s issues.

    And the old vets are for McGrandpa? WTF?

    I’m one pissed-off vet.

    What did we serve for?

    More of McSame?

  3. hi, zenyenta!

    GOPnot4me, I saw a wheelchair bound veteran turned away from a university dental school because he didn’t have $80 for a tooth extraction. Hideous.

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