How many houses does John McCain own?  Seven.  And that’s the name given to the new ad posted by Barack Obama’s campaign.  It seems Team Hope is finally geared to pounce on the presumptive GOP nominee.  McCain of course made it easy by failing to know how many homes he owns.


4 thoughts on “McCain’s 7 Houses of Cards

  1. And Pols who make these charges should think about the fact that they bought their one house with the assistance of a convicted felon before they put out an ad.

  2. Tim, Tim, Tim. Obama bought a strip of land from a guy under investigation (at the time) and already said it was a mistake.

    “With respect to the purchase of my home, I am confident that everything was handled ethically and above board. But I regret that while I tried to pay close attention to the specific requirements of ethical conduct, I misgauged the appearance presented by my purchase of the additional land from Mr. Rezko,” Obama said.

    Remember this is the same Rezko who according to a government witness was assured that Karl Rove would see to it that Patrick Fitzgerald would be fired for daring to investigate Rezko. And Karl Rove didn’t deny it. He simply can’t recall.

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