Smart Grant Recipient

SMART Grant Recipient

Alexa (my daughter) perused her scholarship and financial aid status today and saw a bonus.  The Department of Education awarded her the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent (SMART) Grant.

The grant assists juniors and seniors “majoring in physical, life, or computer sciences, mathematics, technology, or engineering or in a foreign language determined critical to national security,” if they have a good GPA and qualify for a Pell.

So, Alexa has an extra kick in her step today.  She majored in chemistry because she loves to study the relationship between things at their simplest levels.

Here is a list of eligible majors.  I was surprised to see some literature majors fall under the grant.


10 thoughts on “SMART Grants for Math and Science Students

  1. No kidding. I just checked out your about page, Joshua, and good God! “high-energy, particle, and laser physics….Fermilab and CERN as an intern.” Very cool stuff.

  2. Thanks, Lo. She’ll be all a-blush when she sees this. This is what happens when you impress upon young minds the importance of the arts and humanities–they embrace science and mathematics. (At least that’s how it’s working out in this family. 😉 They like seeing my eyes glaze over when they start conversing on the rate of evaporation of the kitchen table.

  3. Thank you, E.M. & Suzanne. It’s a $4,000 grant. That ought to ease her load some. She sells Victoria’s Secret bras and undies in her “spare” time; maybe she can cut back a little.

    She’s also a percussionist for the U. band.

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