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You know you’re an idiot when Wikipedia schools you on plagiarism:

I hope the McCain campaign learns from this, as well as any campaign, organization or person who wants to use content from Wikipedia. Please do so responsibly, make sure your sources are cited, provide proper attribution, and try to use Wikipedia to dig deeper for content beyond just our articles. Doing so will go a long way toward preventing issues like this in the future.”   –Dan Rosenthal, a spokesman for the Wikimedia Foundation

John McCain tells a story about his POW experience that seems to have been lifted from Alexsandr Solzhenitzyn’s Gulag Archipelago.  McCain sentimentally recounts an anecdote of when he was a POW and his captor drew a cross in the sand.

You’d think he’d know better than to highjack Solzhenitsyn since people might be refamiliarizing themselves with the author because of his recent death.  (I won’t even pretend there’s a standard of intellectual integrity given the pack the Republican presidential candidate runs with.)  McCain even wrote a piece himself on Solzhenitsyn for the New York Sun.  It’s possible McCain could have had such an experience, but wouldn’t have he talked about it already and written about it.  Wouldn’t he have marveled for the adoring masses how he and Solzhenitsyn shared a common experience?   Wouldn’t that compound the impact?  I mean, isn’t that what a politician does?



7 thoughts on “As McCain Lay Rotting on Moral Fibers

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  2. what happened to the video?was it censored?

    kinda reminds me of a story about something God may or may not have said once:
    “Just something about you,pisses me off,Murphy.”
    I hear alot about videos getting yanked these days.hope someone else reposts it.

  3. John McCain and Wikipedia is more innocent, I think (speaking as a Wikipedia editor) – obviously he said to a speechwriter “I want something on Georgia, say this and this” and the guy went “sure thing” and ahh got a bit lazy. Comedy potential, though.

  4. Hi, David. Point taken on speechwriters, but McCain knows if he had an experience that was nearly the same as one of his favorite writers.

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