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Focus on the Family caught hell for their solicitation of rain prayers aimed at ruining Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Committee Convention.  The radical, so-called Christian group says the video they made was just a little joke.  Nothing like trivializing the sacred.  CNN’s Jeanne Moos tells the story.

And Subscribe2me4more tags on a bonus feature, a severe looking fundamentalist woman speaking gibberish and holding a cardboard cutout of President Bush while addressing a roomful of children. (You really ought to have this music playing in the background while watching the scary lady.)


5 thoughts on “Focus on Your Own Family, Weirdos

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  2. Ha! You live in a state like me where you’ve probably heard people speak with reverence about these money-grubbing snakes. They’ve got one mean-ass Jesus!

  3. I thought I had a wierd family(no offense, Miss).I have seen the second part of the video with the kids.I don’t know what language the lady on stage was speaking but that foreign part sounded kiiiiinnnda southern.But I could attribute that to the last 2 concertsI went to,and running a diamond saw or grinder or am presently surrounded by large machinery,and a whole other host of reasons,right down to:I been in Ga. too long.I think it sounded southern.

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