Where in the World is Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice?

I haven’t heard word one on the Russian-Georgian conflict from the diplomat-in-chief.  This is a big chance maybe for her to find a little redemption.  With neocons calling for the U.S. to launch a war with Russia and Putin pissed off that America flew Georgia’s troops from Iraq, it might be a good time to show up for work.  Let’s see that Russian Studies degree work its magic.  The first time she heard the language, she says, “it was like falling in love.”  How about like falling on some diplomacy.

Evening Update:  My bad.  The wretch is on vacation according to the French press:

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has also been noticeably absent on the diplomatic scene, having failed to interrupt her holidays to fly to Tbilisi in support of the Georgian government.”


5 thoughts on “Thank God Condi Rice Majored in Russian Studies…

  1. Is she shoe shopping in Italy?

    Playing tennis in Santa Barbara?

    Attending a play in New York?

    Playing classical piano in South Africa?

    Where in the world is Condoleeza Rice?

  2. Hey, Lex. She’s probably trying to see if she can take out a second mortgage on her soul at the bank of Satan.

  3. The woman has proved her worthlessness over and over and over. She thinks its her job to be a celebrity, the face of the administration. She will not be soiling her itinerary with anything that resembles work.

  4. her people say she mad 90 phone calls while on vacay regarding this incident — what type of incident would be worth more than a phone call?

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