DOJ closing in on Karl

Closing in on Karl

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman offers a stunning (yet not so stunning considering it involves Machiavelli’s apprentice) update on the Office of Inspector General’s investigation into the fired U.S. Attorneys scandal.

In an email sent to Glynn Wilson at the Locust Fork Journal, Siegelman writes:

I have received information that the Inspector General’s Office has learned that DOJ has issued false statements regarding the White House’s involvement in the firing of the US Attorneys.  As we now know the White House knowingly issued false statements to cover up Karl Rove’s involvement in the political firings of the U S Attorneys.  Statements by DOJ that the White House was not involved in the firings were actually authored by Karl Rove’s assistant IN THE WHITE HOUSE!”

Siegelman indicates “Rove personally directed the firings then used his assistant to cover up his involvement” via issuing those false statements from the White House.

Fired U.S. Attorney David Iglesias has already provided details about Rove’s connection to his caseSpecial Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald also has concerns about being pushed out of his job during the Valerie Plame Wilson probe, and Rove was the instigator in the possibility of firing Fitzgerald while subject to Fitzgerald’s investigation!

To help bring these things to light Siegelman asks people,

to go online to http://www.ContemptForRove.com and to call or write Speaker Pelosi, Office of the Speaker, H-232, US Capitol, Washington, DC 20515, (202) 225-0100, or email her contact page:



6 thoughts on “Siegelman Offers New Information on Karl Rove & the U.S. Attorneys Scandal

  1. Are we all blind or what? If we can’t see Rove’s involvement in this I can’t speak for our intelligience. Call Pelosi ask her to stand for justice and lead the vote to hold Rove in contempt.

  2. We shall see, Suzanne. I noticed on her netroots conference page she had an Ask the Speaker section. Congress following through on Rove was the most asked question (in the hundreds). Maybe this one thing will be righted…the corruption of DOJ.

  3. so fatty leaves the country the day before he is supposed to appear before the hearing thingys,and comes back to the country afterwards,and the cops and security folks don’t greet him at the airport?WTF? Is it me or is he showing a pattern of this blatant “finger waving” mentality?I think he has done this before hasn’t he?Anyways he should have been held in contempt a long time ago.

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