My family and I are looking forward to watching the games.  But some of news leading up today is just weird.

China opened the Olympic Games at 8:08:08 p.m. on 8/8/08. The Chinese fixate on the 8s because the number is believed to be associated with good luck and prosperity.   Don’t be shocked by their paradoxical adherence to a superstition. Last year, the Chinese made it illegal for living Buddhas to reincarnate without permission of the government.

Tourists and spectators can expect to see no fashion blights like white socks with black shoes because Chinese citizens received pamphlets telling them how to dress for company.

Zachary Karabell at the Huffington Post offers some reasons not to pick on China.  One reason really impressed me.  That is the nation has managed to raise more people out of poverty in the past few decades than any society ever has.


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