The Grievance Project is like an ongoing investigative news piece (think NBC’s “Fleecing of America” or CNN’s “Keeping Them Honest”) but for attorneys.

Blogger E.M. labors diligently to keep certain colleagues honest in the language lawyers understand: grievances.

TGP targets those steeped in some of the most egregious conduct imaginable in a democracy.  With the personal motto, “because ethics matter,” E.M. has done the legal legwork needed to file grievances against John Yoo, Harriet Miers, Kyle D. Sampson, Monica Goodling to name a few.

Know TGP has received some impressive visitors in recent days.

That site traffic included visitors from the following federal agencies that I found to be notable:

  • U.S. Senate Sergeant At Arms
  • USDA Office of Operations
  • US Department of Justice (multiple visits from different IP addresses)
  • Hunton & Williams (multiple visits from different IP addresses)
  • US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Headquarters USA AISC (Army)
  • Army Information Systems Command – Pentagon
  • Fannie Mae
  • US Sentencing Commission

(source: TGP)

I found the Sergeant-at-Arms visits particularly exciting since that’s the point man in arresting Karl Rove for Inherent Contempt of Congress.  My own site traffic read like a crystal ball in the days before former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman was released from prison.  My hopes are The Grievance Project is providing a like barometer, the 110th Congress will end up classified with the vertebrates, and Rove will be treated as any other American who ignores a subpoena.  Time will tell as early as September.


3 thoughts on “The Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Goes Fishing

  1. You’re very welcome. I appreciate what you’re doing; so, I’ll take whatever chance I have to promote it.

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