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Representative Walter Jones (R-NC) thinks Karl Rove should testify before the House Judiciary Committee.   Jones says it’s about dignity:

“In the year 2000 when President Bush was a candidate, he said many times in debate he would bring dignity to the White House. This would be a great start, if Karl Rove would come before the Judiciary Committee and let him explain his involvement, if any, in the Don Siegelman case.”

(A great start, Jones, says. Telling.)

Jones believes Rove’s testimony serves Democracy and the Republic. The North Carolina Republican isn’t opposed to jailing Rove either. Jones seems to be concerned about the negated powers of the Legislative branch.

Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) states that she “personally would love to see” Rove arrested and held in jail where there would be a trial in the House of Representatives.


6 thoughts on “Another Republican Thinks Rove is Out of Bounds

  1. Here’s a little trivia for you: Rep. Jones represents the 3rd district of N.C. which includes the OBX and other parts of the coast – hence his accent with the dropped “r” and slow drawl ( not every NC native has that accent; it changes with the topography from mountains to piedmont to flatlands to coast). Jones is also the congressman who helped come up with “Freedom fries” instead of “French fries,” but then expressed regret for that pettiness when he realized the war was sold to Congress by the use of misinformation. In other words, I think he is what he appears to be: a man of principle.

  2. Remember the Gene Hackman line from the movie “Mississippi Burning?

    “The rattlesnakes are beginning to turn on each other”.

  3. Redeye! Where’ve you been? Notice Jones says dignity might come to the White House 7 1/2 years into the Bush administration. He sounds like the same conservatives who thought the Justice Department was filling up with lunatics (cf. Jane Mayer interview with Bill Moyers).

    When Leura Canary throws Rove under the bus, that’ll be a find rattlesnake match. 🙂

  4. I thought we were a nation of laws. If we can’t enforce our laws then what good are they. Do our laws not apply to Republicans??? They impeached Clinton for lying about sex. Big deal and what a waste of money! These are serious laws that have been broken. We need to make an example out of these liars and expose them for what they are. It is just one corrupt politician after another. Disgusting!!!!

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