The Raw Story:  The Justice Department finds its own behavior illegal. No word on whether Monica Goodling, Kyle Sampson, or Alberto Gonzales will face charges for violating federal law in hiring practices.

Did the conscience of the Democratic party John Edwards pull a Newt Jackson? A Jesse Gingrich? Lee Stranahan catches hell for asking.

Who’s the pretty boy snuggling with Alabama State Attorney General Troy King?  Any volunteers to go on TK Watch at the Montgomery YMCA?

Karl Rove isn’t the only Bush lackey being eyed for prison stripes.  A bounty is offered in New Zealand on the U.S. Secretary of State.

Google may have a little competition.

Guess which tooth a boy broke while fighting a pitbull?


3 thoughts on “Monday Morning Skim of the Headlines

  1. Unjustly, too, Lee. Better for dems to get it out in the open than Fox News. People falter in marriages every day, I imagine, and it’s not like dems run on a platform of “we’re perfect.” But it’s just cold that his wife is sick, and it happens under those circumstances.

  2. Just shocking, shocking I say, about Justice. Edwards not so much. Illness in families puts a huge stress on people. Multiply that by running a campaign.

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