From Think Progress:

Bill Moyers of PBS interviews Jane Mayer, author of The Dark Side: the Inside Story of how the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals.  Not all conservatives were on board for gutting international law and the Geneva Conventions:

BILL MOYERS: Who were some of the other conservative heroes, as you call them, in your book?

JANE MAYER: A lot of them are lawyers. And they were people inside the Justice Department who, one of whom, and I can’t name this one in particular, said when he looked around at some of the White House meetings – he was in where they were authorizing the President, literally, to torture people – if he thought that was necessary, he said, “I can’t, I could not believe these lunatics had taken over the country.” And I am not talking about someone who is a liberal Democrat. I’m talking about a very conservative member of this Administration. And there was a-

BILL MOYERS: Your source?

JANE MAYER: My source.

BILL MOYERS:And, yet, when these conservatives – as you write in your book – when these conservatives spoke up, Cheney and company retaliated against their own men.

Mayer also references two Justice Department lawyers who developed a system of talking in code fearing they were being wiretapped.  They even feared for their lives.

See the full interview here.


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