(Anniston, AL) Thursday Night on WVTM’s 6 O’Clock News, Alabama Attorney General Troy King faced his

Rumor Riddled AG

Rumor Riddled AG Troy King

first questions on camera about his troubled personal life and the possibility of his resignation.

The journalist asked in very generic terms about the controversy surrounding his personal life and whether or not he would resign.  King said something along the lines of “No comment, I’m not commenting on that here.  I’m here to talk about the accomplishments of those graduating.” [loosely paraphrased]  And he was smirking as he spoke.

Troy was attending the law enforcement graduation ceremony in Anniston when the photographer caught up with him.

The WVTM website seems to have nixed putting video online.

It’s been two weeks since rumors surfaced that King had been kicked out of his home after his wife caught him in a compromising position with a male aide.


2 thoughts on “Alabama Attorney General’s First On Camera Response to Salacious Rumors

  1. I must say that this guy looks very much like a pecker head.

    My bet would be that he grew up getting his ass kicked for looking like a sword swallower.

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