Is the Department of Justice too politicized at this point to conduct an investigation of its own activities?

The above interview with TPMtv shows former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman firing off a litany of problems with DoJ investigative efforts:

  1. Special Counsel’s Office which has been or is investigating Rove, the White House, and itself (DOJ) and is preventing investigations and covering up investigations.
  2. DOJ refuses to release documents subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee.
  3. OPR and the Office of Inspector General contacted Siegelman lawyers asking for evidence.  Siegelman explains why this is absurd.
  4. OPR and OIG already have the power to subpoena witnesses.
  5. They already have relevant documents.
  6. OPR and OIG have the testimony of a Republican lawyer that puts Karl Rove “at the scene of the crime.”
  7. OPR and OIG know the players accused of going after Siegelman for political reasons.

Number 1 refers to OSC chief Scott Bloch ordering a Siegelman case probe closed because he had not authorized it.  Bloch also diverted attention away from Rove and White House involvement investigations and limited probes into hiring and promotions based on Bush loyalty.   The FBI (the law enforcing arm of DOJ) raided Bloch’s home and office.

Number 2 refers to documents relevant to the House Judiciary investigations into the cases of Siegelman, Dr. Cyril Wecht of Pennsylvania, Georgia Thompson of Wisconsin, and the firing of U.S. Attorneys.  Here’s what ousted U.S. Attorney David Iglesias recently had to say:

Other reasons anything done by DoJ is suspect:

  • Disturbing disregard for Acting Attorney General James Comey while Ashcroft was bedridden.  While hospitalized, Ashcroft was visited by future AG Alberto Gonzales and Andy Card to sign off a wiretapping program which had already been rejected.
  • DOJ Honor’s Program politicized.
  • DOJ purged employee applications with liberal buzz words.
  • A House Judiciary report on political prosecutions highlights a disproportionate prosecution rate among Democrats versus Republicans.  It was 80% to 20% respectively.
  • DOJ’s OPR ignored Equal Employment Opportunity Commission findings against U.S. Attorney Alice Martin.
  • Non-cooperative stance of present AG Michael Mukasey.
  • The tendency in government now is to protect whoever is holding office.

Perhaps the unreliability of DoJ is the reason Siegelman has called on John McCain to push Karl Rove toward accountability:

ht Air America


One thought on “Department of Justice Too Corrupted to be Trusted

  1. So congress is the only hope and they are too fearful to follow through on anything that involves Bush. What are they thinking? Do they think they too may get away with these things in the future? Its enough to make you give up voting!

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