video courtesy: Brave New Films

As of Tuesday more than 87 thousand people have signed a petition asking the Judiciary Committee to hold Karl Rove in comtempt for ignoring a House subpoena and to send him to jail.  Above former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman mentions the Send Karl Rove to Jail dot com site and his own, http://ContemptforRove.com .

Rove’s attorney Robert Luskin asserted executive privilege as an excuse to ignore Congress; however, President Bush has not invoked the privilege.  And why would he since that would be an admission that the President sought advice on the politicization of the Department of Justice.  Furthermore, Rep. Linda Sanchez of the House Judiciary says absolute immunity only applies to current executive aides.

Siegelman is not alone in alleging political hit jobs.

Here’s ousted U.S. Attorney David Iglesias discussing Rove dodging the House subpoena (starts 3:30 in) to avoid indictment:

video courtesy: Buelahman


5 thoughts on “Send Karl Rove to Jail Update

  1. The day Karl Rove is held to the same standard that the rest of Americans are held to is a day that ought to be celebrated. I figured outing a CIA agent was bad enough, but there seems to be no such thing as bad enough in the Cheney administration.

  2. Yes, exactly, bluerthanever! The same standard … where has that concept gone? Of course the assertion of “executive privilege” in this instance is ridiculous. What’s even more ridiculous, however, is that the public is more willing to hold KR to account than are the public servants charged with acting on our behalves. Why do we have to go, hat in hand, to the Congress to beg them to do their jobs? It’s mind-bending. And here we sit, waiting to see whether the Judiciary Committee is going to honor our polite request, by doing no more than its Constitutional duty of oversight.
    Thanks, mdking, for continuing to hammer away.

  3. Why indeed Suzanne,
    Why do we have to go hat in hand, the the Congress to bet them to do their jobs?

    Not only is it mind-bending it’s mind boggling.

    One thing I will give Republicans credit for is gumption. When Republicans were in the majority they had the gumption to impeach President Bill Clinton for trying to conceal a personal, consenual, sexual encounter from his wife, daughter and the country. What do Democrats do when they are in the majority? They let the right wing media bully them into taking impeachment off the table. It’s mind boggling.

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