Keith Olbermann spanks Elizabeth Dole, Chris Wallace, and the guy who paid for the anti-Democrat billboard in Florida:

h/t Voters Think

Netroots Nation preview from Talking Points Memo:

China reacts to the idea of Bush prodding the Olympic hosts on their human rights record:

Here’s a CBC report on Omar Khadr:



One thought on “Olbermann, Netroots, and Khadr (Video Roundup)

  1. I look forward to the opportunity to cast a vote for Dole’s opponent, Kay Hagan. Liddy never met a white male Republican she didn’t want to “worship, honor and obey” as her blind obedience to this president over the last 8 years has proven. She didn’t mean nothin’ by it, Mr. Olbermann. She was just standin’ by her man, right or wrong. As usual.

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