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The International Committee of the Red Cross does not need a war crimes tribunal to make a moral call:  prisoners at Guantanamo were tortured and the Bush administration officials who approved the abuse are war criminals.  These conclusions were offered in a report last year to the CIA and are the subject of a book, The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals,” by Jane Mayer .

The author documents U.S. counterterrorism since 2001.  Part of her research includes The Red Cross investigators work scrutinizing the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation methods determining they were torture.

In the video, Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley weighs in on the possiblity of legal accountability.


3 thoughts on “Bush Administration Guilty of War Crimes According to Red Cross

  1. I am glad you posted my video from You Tube. It was downloaded from CrooksandLiars.com. In relation, the wish is for it to spread/grow as much as possible.

  2. Thank you for getting it on youtube. I’m always grateful to diligent people like you that get the good stuff accessible to everyone.

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