video courtesy: The Associated Press

Here’s an update on Esmin Green who died surrounded by apathetic spectators at a New York Hospital.  Now a medical examiner has determined the cause of her death: blood clots according to the report.  A week ago, the 49 year old waited in the emergency room at Kings County Hospital Center for nearly 24 hours and died on the ER waiting room floor.  She lay there for more than hour with patients and security guards looking on.  A nurse took her pulse finally and learned she was dead.  Several employees were fired or suspended.


3 thoughts on “Autopsy Results for Woman who Died on NY Hospital Floor

  1. Also, it seems like a reasonable assumption that Ms. Green was given an anti-psychotic of some sort on being (involuntarily) admitted to the hospital. Here’s a link to a BBC article about deep vein thrombosis as a complication of antipsychotic medication: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/957182.stm. My guess is that Ms. Green’s death didn’t result purely from neglect, but was actively (if unintentionally) caused by her treatment.

  2. The people on that televised tape of the poor woman LAYING ON THAT FILTHY FLOOR…should feel ashamed of themselves. FOREVER. How lazy can a human be? What has the world came too? I feel on the street once and a lady stopped her car to ask if I was ok. She had gotten out of her car and helped me.
    I hope all of you sitting around that poor dying woman can remember, YOU NEVER HELPED…shame on you

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