It would have been funnier if Jackson had said, “nut sac off” rather than “nuts off,” just to put the finest point on comedy.  Fox News amazingly sat on this for THREE DAYS.  Wow, the producers must have been chomping at the bit until the bit was no more.  However, no vainglory tv anchor wants “cut his nuts off” rolling off his tongue.  Executive producers cringe at the idea of something like “cut his nuts off” appearing in the closed caption for the hearing impaired.  I view this as a friendly God smack for Obama since he kissed off the Rule of Law and kissed on telecom booties today officially.  (How was that for you, Barack?  Yuck.)

And ah, Jesse Jackson.   Was it your own marital indescretions and the fact your child conceived with a woman who is, ahem, not wife that drove you to this particular nuttiness?  Because your child is growing up in a home without her father in it.  I guess Barack’s call for responsible parenting would chap your behind.  And your son sounds like he thinks you were pretty dickish, too.

Here’s Lou Reed serenading Jesse for another verbal apoplectic episode not so long ago:


35 thoughts on “So, Jesse Jackson “Wants to Cut” Barack’s “Nuts Off”

  1. I am relieved it wasn’t a White man who made those comments. The news media would be in overdrive and having cow. Thanks to the good Lord above we do not have to send our police in to stop a march against a White man making such a comment. Double standards are out of control.

  2. Sweet post. I love it how you tied in Obama’s almost severed nut sack with his FISA bill flip-flop, and even managed a Lou Reed reference. That is some serious blog aptitude. I think I will read some more of your stuff.

  3. sooo…could it be interpreted as a bodily threat?where are the cops kicking in his door?is he actually medically qualified to perform such a procedure?
    As for the fisa bill thing-I think that anybody in favor of it should be brought up on charges of treason and given a fair and balanced trial.
    followed by a first class hanging.(I think that is still the punishment for treason…or is that too cruel and unusual?look at what they are doing to the 4th amendment!to the constitution in general!)

  4. The question is WHY does Jesse Jackson want to cut Obama’s nuts off? Look past the sensationalism into the substance of his “off the record” remark.

  5. Look, I think Jackson was talking guy talk. Nothing literal. He was being an a-hole. Jackson said he doesn’t like Obama “talking down to black people.” I think Obama’s walking a line close to sanctimony, but I certainly don’t object to someone holding up a high standard for parenting. Kids deserve nothing less.

    I’ve heard more hot mike vulgarities from Dick Cheney and George Bush than any other politicians ever. Jackson is in powerful company.

  6. I don’t object to someone holding up a high standard for parenting either, but it’s so easy to talk about the so called “bad parents” than look beyond the surface to see WHY they are bad parents.

    I can only think of one person in my family who would fall into the “not taking responsibility ” for his children catagory, but the reason he can’t take responsiblity for his children is because he is a Viet Nam vet. He came home from the war messed up. He is not even responsible for himself. Some of the fathers not taking care of their children could be Iraq/Afghanistan war vets. They could be coming home injured, maimed or mentally ill and unable to be a “responsible” father.

    Let’s find out why fathers, especially black fathers aren’t being responsible according to our standards of responsibility. Are they products of a failed public education system? Are they products not having access to health care? Are they suffering from mental illness? Are they suffering from lack of opportunities?

    I look around and see Hispanics performing the service jobs that African Americans once held, in resturants, construction, hotels, landscaping assembly lines etc while the prisons are full of young African American males, most of them captured by the War on Drugs. I would be willing to bet the proceeds were probably used to “support their families” because selling drugs was the only work they could find. Isn’t it funny how the government can find and imprison drug dealers, but let 12 million illegals into the country?

    I’m going to wrap up this rant, but I hope some get my drift. It’s easy to talk about a problem, but that doesn’t solve the problem. Let’s look for solutions instead of scapegoats.

    If the problem is African males are being irresponsible fathers and not taking care of their children, let’s find out why and fix it.

  7. That’s where I think Obama treads near the sanctimonious without crossing the line. Is it really much different to say, Just Say No. No, it’s not at face value.

    But there’s a difference in Obama saying it and for example George Bush saying it. George Bush has no friggin clue. I expect if the poverty statistics were right in front of his face along with the research linking poverty and single parent homes and the disproportionate number of blacks in poverty, Bush (or someone like him..ie those that dismiss social science) would say he didn’t believe the science.

  8. I think Obama crossed the line with his remarks. Do I hate how Jesse Jackson said what he said? Yes. Do I disgree agree with his view, NO.

    What really bothers me is that if Jesse Jackson hadn’t made those remarks before an open mic on Faux News we never would have known his true feelings. It also bothers me that instead of a having a discussion of substance we are having a discussion of sterotypes and soundbites.

    Oh well, it is the Silly Season….

  9. From what I read this was discovered by an intern who happened to be transcribing the event for some kind of digital project. When he heard it he emailed his boss. Gosh, wonder how he felt the moment after he recovered from the shock of thinking, “Did Rev. Jackson just say cut his nuts off?”

  10. Hey, ya think MAYBE we’ll start to get to know the REAL Obama? Maybe the media frenzy “WE LOVE OBAMA” will take a powder for a while, so the real folks can see through all the media hype around this guy. Or os the media SCARED to death that the REAL Obama, will scare the Ba-jee-bees out of the voting population?

  11. more absurd is obama’s father comes from a culture/religion that espouses polygamy and fathers have no respect nor care for their children – and that is accepted as the norm…and obama approves of abortion so his daughters won’t be punished with a baby if they get pregnant…not sure why everyone is pissed he flipped on FISA – he has flipped on every issue he talks about except his undying support for homegrown American terrorist Bill Ayers – everyone and everything else has been thrown under the bus…even his position on iraq has changed…he ain’t bringing troops home any time soon if elected

  12. Funny….since Obama did not have the “nuts” to serve his country in the military, and never had the “nuts” to fight terrorism, wanting to retreat instead…..I think the “nuts” are already missing…..

  13. From what I’ve heard from Obama, I’d say that Reverend Jackson is being a bit presumptuous.

    Obama has not stuck to his convictions on any major issue that he stood for during the Democratic primaries. If you ask me, he has no balls at all!

  14. Oh the righty’s are pouncing on Obama like a rat on a block of cheese. Any old excuse will do!

    kevinmc3, please give me SPECIFIC examples of the media frenzy ” WE LOVE OBAMA” , and please explain specifically what you mean by “maybe we will get to know the REAL OBAMA”. What exactly are you trying to say? Spit it out.

    creeping: Obama was not raised by his father, he was raised by his grandfather. Obama approves of a womans’ right to choose. . I don’t know about his “undying support for Bill Ayers” but I do know that Obama bin Laden is still on the loose. It is a brazen right wing media lie that Obama has flipped on getting our troops OUT of Iraq.

    marianne, Bush sent our troops to war in Iraq based on a lie, no that took nuts. Dick Cheney didn’t have the nuts to serve in the military. Rumsfield didn’t have nuts to serve in military. As a matter of fact the Bush administration is full of chicken hawks who didn’t serve but had the nuts sent our troops to war .

    scottymck, Bush told us he had proof that Saddam had tons and tons of WMD and was about to use them on us. So where are the WMD?

    Dick told us our troops would be greeted as liberators in Iraq. So have our troops been greeted as liberators in Iraq?

    If you ask me, the right wing wants to hold Obama to a higher standard of accountability than they do Bush and Dick. Why is that?

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  16. blkck,

    It’s pathetic that the Left’s answer to any criticism of their candidate is not to defend that candidate’s views (because thy’re indefensible, I assume); instead, they resort to the tired old “but your guy did …”

    The justification, “well, Johnny did it too” didn’t work when i was a six year old and I have advanced to more reasonable arguments. When will Democrats grow up?

    Never mind … I already know your next reply … “I know you are, but what am I?”

  17. blkck,

    One more note: I found it quite fascinating that your reply to “creeping” included the statement, “but I do know that Obama Bin Laden is still on the loose.”

    Freudian slip, perhaps,? Or, do you know more than the rest of us? With the way Obama (or is it Osama?) has flipped on virtually every issue, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if, after becoming the President, he announced that he was a Muslim, after all.

  18. hey, schmuck, oh, goodness me, I misspelled scottymck,

    you’re a goddamn genius, of course Obama is just going to suddenly turn Muslim since his mom was a Christian and his dad an atheist.

    Has another Republican turned gay yet?

  19. Helen,

    Okay, the last line about the Muslim thing was out of line on my part. I was only trying to make a point.

    His mother was not a Christian, however. Barack Obama, himself has admitted that. In his book, “The Audacity of Hope,” Senator Obama wrote “I was not raised in a religious household.” His half sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, told Deborah Soloman in an interview on January 20, 2008 that their mother was an agnostic and that she gave them access to books of various religions.

    In “The Audacity of Hope,” Barack Obama confirms this stating, “In our household the Bible, the Koran, and the Bhagavad Gita sat on the shelf.” His mother’s best friend in High School, Maxine Box, went one step further when she told the “Chicago Tribune” that Senator Obama’s mother “touted herself as an atheist.”

    Your reply is typical of the Left; misstating the facts, then avoiding the subject by making a Republican comment. “But Johnny is a booger eater” didn’t work when I was six and I hope I have evolved beyond that senseless kind of argument.

  20. Hey scottymck,
    Obama is not a Muslim because as you know you righty’s made him leave his Christian Church of which he had been a member for 20 years. The church in which he married his wife in a CHRISTIAN ceremony and where his two daughters were BAPTISED. But even if her were a Muslim, so what? This is America, where we have the FREEDOM to practice what ever religion we choose.

    Bush said he was going to get USAMA dead or alive then he invaded Iraq. The media changed the spelling of USAMA’s name because the first three letters spelled USA. Just like they changed Operation Iraqi Liberation to Operation Iraqi Freedom because the initials spelled O.I.L. since we are having spelling lessons, I thought I would throw that in.

    What if Obama were a Muslim?

  21. Uh Oh, I made some typo’s in my previous post, let me correct them before the typo police pounce on it like a squirrel on nuts:

    Should read: The church in which he married his wife in a CHRISTIAN ceremony and where his two daughters were BAPTIZED.

    Should read: But even if HE were a Muslim, so what?

    Should read: This is America, where we have the FREEDOM to practice whatever religion we choose.

    So what if Obama were a Muslim?

  22. schmuck, both his parents were eventually atheists. He’s a Christian.

    blkck, don’t waste your breath, honey. Muslim Shiites believe in a Second Coming of Jesus. you think schmuck could mentally process that?

    people like schmuck just need a target to berate to justify a supremacy complex. it doesn’t matter what nuttiness is the driving, so long as the end conclusion is, “i’m so much better than whoever, people of color, non-Christians, catholics, Greek orthodox, the homeless, the hungry, the orphan, the infirmed….foreigners.

  23. – helen, you forgot “Democrats.”

    Actually, Shiites do not believe in the second coming of Jesus, Sunnis do. The Shiites believe that Imam Mahdi, who disappeared in an Iraqi cave some 1200 years ago, will come to save them. I did manage to mentally process that!

    I know you think that playing with my name is very clever. Most of us outgrew that in grade school! I would hope that a civil discussion was possible without name calling. Perhaps you are mentally unable to process that, however.

    blkck, I did admit in my first sentence to helen that the muslim comment was out of line. The rest of the reply had nothing to do with Obama being a Muslim, but was intended to refute the claim that helen had made that his mother was a Christian.

    I couldn’t help making the freudian slip crack. The “s” on the keyboard is nowhere near the “b” after all. I don’t care what Obama is, religiously speaking; I just don’t know how everyone can be so accepting of a guy that uses one set of principles to win the Democratic primaries and does an about face on the same issues during the general election. How do you know where he really stands? The fact that he left his church shows that he will do anything for political expediency.

    From the Obama supporters I know, they really don’t care what his views are; they just think he has “great leadership qualities.” That philosophy works fine for student president but does not pass the test for the President of the United States.

    Finally, http://thismodernage.wordpress.com/ is a great place to go if you would like to review the real reasons we became involved in the War in Iraq. The argument that we went there for oil is tired, juvenile and … well, idiotic (I hate to use diparaging words). A simple check of the prices at your local gas station should show you that we didn’t exactly take over the world’s oil fields.

    I have linked to several Left-thinking blogs from my blog and have managed to have intelligent discussions with the writers of those sites without all of the animosity. It’s a shame that we can’t just agree to disagree on some matters without getting so riled up.

  24. For the record scottymk,
    Bush told us he was sending our troops to Iraq because he had proof that Saddam had tons and tons of WMD and he was about to use them on us. Why do I need to go to a “website” to find out the “real reason we became involved in Iraq:? How do I know where he really stands you ask? He hasn’t lied, that’s how I know where he really stands. The fact that he “left his church” shows the power of the right wing supposed Christians and the right wing media who weren’t going to rest until OBAMA left his church. Obama was damned if he stayed and damned if he left. The church was being invaded, he left for the sake of the other members of the church, so they could have peace.

    Barack OBAMA did not use “one set of rules to win the Democratic Primary and doing an about face after the fact. That is pure right wing media spin. That flip/flopping crap may have worked for John Kerry but that dog won’t hunt with Barack Obama. Barack OBAMA was against the invasion of Iraq before it started and he is committed to bring our troops home so they are no longer sitting ducks in a shooting gallery.

    And since you know so much about the Sunni’s and the Shite’s, which side are WE, by WE I mean The United States of Ameria, on?

  25. When will the Democrats realize that George Bush is no longer running for President? You’ve lost that battle twice … get over it! I’m sorry you don’t find it worth your trouble to become informed. It’s no surprise, however, since you are in complete denial about Obama’s policy shifts.

    My sister – a big Obama supporter – is absolutely sick about how he has switched on so many things. She wishes she would have voted for Hillary now (who I also would have voted for in the general election if she had won her Party’s nomination).

    Since winning the Democratic Party nomination, Obama has CHANGED his position on everything except for the one thing that Americans want him to CHANGE, that is, drilling for oil. I’m not going to go through the entire list of things that he CHANGED his position on in the last few months again. It is not right wing media spin. The major networks have been pointing it out as well, albeit begrudgingly. There are countless videos showing his different stances before and after the primaries. You are so caught up in the Obama fever that you don’t even hear the words that he is saying.

    I have said time and again that I don’t give a crap about what the hell is going on in the Middle East. Let them fight their own battles. The same goes for the rest of the world as well. I’m sick of us having to ride in and save the day for some country’s opressed, starving or sick. We have our own problems. If we would just suck our own oil out of the ground and ban exporting it until this country’s needs are met, we could tell the Middle East to kiss it.

    I’m all for alternative energy as well. Throw up nuclear plants, wind generators, solar panels and plug the damned car in! We will always need oil, however.

    What side is the U.S on? You’re kidding, right? We are on the mindless peacekeeping side – stuck in the middle again.

    Finally, because Obama has been so unclear on his positions, I have had to resort to reviewing his entire website on my blog (and it’s taking forever to write). I do stay informed and have absolutely no problem with reading the views of both sides.

  26. Obama hasn’t been “unclear” nor has he changed his position on “everything except drilling for oil”. It’s pure right wing media spin that Obama has “changed his position”. That dog won’t hunt scotty.

    Righty’s should hold Obama to the same standards they held frat boy Bush up to when he was the candidate. We are well aware that Bush is no longer running for President but that McSame as Bush is running. He wants to stay the crooked course Bush set.

    There has been no policy shift for Obama. Obama is staying the course.

    Fool me once, can’t fool me again.

  27. Either Obama has surrendered his integrity recently in order to keep peace with the devil, or he lacked integrity from the very start. It makes no difference now, because we are stuck with him and his present condition is unacceptable.

    Just about everything he is calling for and claiming to represent goes against core Democratic beliefs.

    Obama’s Iraq policy is the SAME as the one we have currently – this is 100% true. Also his proposal on expanding funding for faith-based initiatives is another hats-off to our current administration. WTF?

    You know what? I am NOT a Christian and I DO NOT want my tax money going to them. Churches pay no tax anyhow, and they are free to play the stock market or hold controlling interests in corporations.

    Look at the Mormons for example. That organization is deeply invested in Key Corp., Marriott International and Skywest Airlines. Also consider the United Methodist Frontier Foundation with its five investment funds – all non-taxed!!

    George W. Bush started giving your tax dollars to these organizations, and Obama wants to increase the kitty by five hundred million!

    As a Harvard-educated constitutional scholar and a black man, I had assumed Obama would know a thing or two about unlawful searches and seizures. However, his FISA vote says otherwise.

    This is not some kind of Right Wing Spin.

    Obama’s disregard for true American Values is spinning on its own.

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