Writer Pam Miles breaks news that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is pressuring the Judiciary Committee not to press Rove with a contempt charge.  How Rove now stands above the law in the Speaker’s mind beggars the imagination.

Here are the numbers to the Congressional switchboard: 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887 or 800-614-2803.

This Congress is such a disappointment.  I realize the Senate majority is a farce and an illusion with Senator Lieberman caucusing as a Democrat, but I expect much better from the House.  Oversight is the duty of the legislative branch!


One thought on “Eve of Karl Rove’s One Finger Salute to Judiciary Committee

  1. There shall be no oversight of this administration!

    This administration is above the law.

    This is a nation of men not laws!

    Breaking News! New evidence in the Jon Bennet Ramsey case clears family member!

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