No Love for BugliosiThe mainstream media dodges Vincent Bugliosi’s The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder–the accolades of a top slot on the New York Times Bestseller List notwithstanding.

Not even The Daily Show and MSNBC were interested in a segment featuring the book, according to Think Progress.

But a virtual media blackout is not keeping the literate crowd away.

Bugliosi’s book presents an opportunity for any brave prosecutor willing to pursue President Bush for the deaths of soldiers in Iraq.

On Democracy Now, Bugliosi described his work as a prepared case that any district attorney could pick up, read, and be ready for court.  He believes such a case is the only possibility for accountability.

Bugliosi is the prosecutor who convicted Charles Manson and authored Helter Skelter.


5 thoughts on “No Media Love for Bugliosi

  1. I think this is going to pick up steam after Bush is out of office. Right now, we can’t do anything because we have an Attorney General who won’t enforce indictments.

  2. This is classic reaping what you sow. At least we live in an America where Bush gets “war criminal” screamed at him on the 4th of July.

  3. Well you know how the liberal media is. They tell us the news they want us to know instead of the news we need to know.

  4. Joe Scarbrough had Vicent Bugliosi on Moring Joe to talk about his book on Friday. I’m sure there is a You-Tube somewhere.. He gave him 2 minutes and spent most of that time trying to shout him down and to ridicule him. Gene Simmons came on afterwards and was given 2 minutes to talk about women being sex slaves or something silly. No one tried to shout him down. He was able to discuss his book without interference..

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