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My husband and I are not big TV watchers, but we still happily received a year’s subscription to cable from my mother at Christmastime.  Paul loves sports.  I like the Discovery channel.  We were watching the Olympic Trials over the weekend when one of the many mindless commercials penetrated my psyche with the force of a baseball bat.

The ad promoted the company, Titlemax, which offers “consumers” regulated loan shark deals.  Each paid commercial actor gleefully details the thrill of money in hand after hocking the title to their vehicles.  The one that I found particularly jarring was a couple that appeared to be in the insurance information area of a hospital waiting room.  The actor exclaims the joy of having the money to be seen at the hospital.  The script writers were fairly deft in veiling the actual scenario being portrayed.  I’ve seen the commercial dozens of times without realizing what was going on.  Finally, I bothered to read between the lines.  The man was saying Titlemax helped him avoid the “Your Money or Your Life” dilemma for the uninsured and underinsured.

The woman in the video above has an autistic child.  Her choice has been her money, her retirement, her furniture, and her home or her son’s life.  She has chosen her son.  Yet, after all her sacrifices, she still finds her family sinking under the weight of medical debt.

Brave New Films documents the predicament facing some senior citizens bilked by a senior care facility: Your Money and Your Life:


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