h/t foghaze

President Bush got the Fourth of July he deserves. Disgusted American citizens shouted, “War criminal” and “He has brought fascism to our shores!” while Bush delivered his Independence Day message at Monticello. Bush acknowledged “Freedom of Speech,” while Secret Service agents ushered out the people who were yelling.


7 thoughts on “Freedom of Speech Hurled at Bush

  1. Let’s see, had Bush invaded a sovereign nation that hadn’t attacked us? Had he fully corrupted the Department of Justice by then? Had he made torture an American institution by then?


    So, I did not feel that way on September 12th. I was still waiting to hear from a friend at the Pentagon on that day. Thanks for asking.

  2. I’m courious, what does September 12, 2001 have to do with anything?

    Our grief over 911 was not a cry for the end of our rights and freedoms.

    Thanks for posting this Melissa. This is what democracy looks like!

  3. Indeed, redeye. Carey is a product of the right wing, Dobsonian Jesus Hate Machine. I checked out his link. He’d rather have a theocracy…a theocracy dominated by a sadistic, lying Republican, evil Jesus that only exists in his imagination like a big, fat idol.

  4. Wow, mdking… great to see that you are not only a political expert but also an all-seeing soothsayer who knows the desires, and true intentions of anyone who happens to comment on your blog! Wow… thanks for characterizing me in such a positive light…

    For the sake of clarity (and honesty)…

    You’ll never see me advocating a theocracy…

    I DON”T think Jesus would necessarily be a Republican if He showed up today…

    And a “Dobsonian Jesus Hate Machine” is the last thing our country (or the world) needs… Jesus was not about hate, He was about truth – there’s a HUGE difference…

  5. The Sept. 12th question seemed deadly along the lines of a Rovian informal logical fallacy festival…as if a whole slew of events didn’t happen between 911 and July 4, 2008 that lead people to hurl shouts of war criminal at the President.

    If you asked the question innocently, I’m sorry for pouncing. If you’re really not perpetuating a limited, skewed view of Jesus and I jumped the gun, I apologize.

    I was also fielding questions in a newsroom that day from people who were terrified it was the end of the world. So, I’m definitely touchy.

  6. mdking,

    Apologies accepted. My main reason for commenting at all is that in my view (admittedly limited) the Justice Department was (has been) already corrupt WAY before “W” showed up. From friends I have who have worked closely with the JD, it’s a monster without a leash in many ways. I don’t think “W” can be blamed for that…

    And in regard to the word-hurling at his speech – I thank God we live in a country where you CAN speak out…

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