h/t The Associated Press

Esmin Green died on the floor of an emergency room waiting area in New York. Surveillance video shows her slumping then falling from a chair onto the tiles. No one offers to help until it’s too late, not the other patients, not the guards. A doctor walks in to look, but didn’t touch, and then about two minutes later a nurse shows up and starts to act, but of course by then Green is dead.

Kings County Hospital Center in Brooklyn released a statement saying they “are shocked and distressed by the situation.” Some of the staff were suspended or fired.

49-year-old Green had been waiting nearly 24 hours to be seen.

This happened June 20, 2008.


3 thoughts on “Woman Dies on Floor While the Indifferent Look On

  1. Well, you know how crazy people can act… like they are dead.

    Disgusting, but unsurprising attitude towards the mentally ill.

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