CNN has done a feature story on a 67-year-old woman living in a parking lot in Santa Barbara, California. She sleeps in her Honda with her two golden retrievers after losing her job and home. Santa Barbara has designated a dozen parking lots to accommodate the growing number of middle-class homeless people through a counseling organization, New Beginnings.

Even more mind-numbing than the woman’s predicament are the reactions to the crisis in CNN’s comments section.

From “E”:

Cry me a river…

A) Move the hell out of SB, and live in Compton
B) Thats what you get for not saving anything idiot
C) Thats what you get for being a crappy mother and having 3 kids that let you remain homeless

From Ron:

If you can’t afford the cost of living…….MOVE!! There are plenty of places in America where single middle class women can work and afford housing.”

From The Corp:

Wake up CNN, the economy isn’t nearly as bad as you “spin” it out to be. All these freaking sob stories just to taint the election toward that socialist empty suit NoBama. We are not all equal, some are not entitled to own. Some have, and deserve more than others. It’s funny, I know a lot of liberals and they are the cheapest people I have ever known, never willing to part with their own money – only others.”

From Dara:

I wish she had better planned her retirement, rather than working at 67 to still pay off an expensive condo. If you are employed at that age, you cant expect to work forever since your boss can easily replace you with someone better looking and more productive.”

No wonder the tenant in the Grapes of Wrath asks, “Who do we shoot?” after the Shawnee Land and Cattle Company sends out the eviction notice.


11 thoughts on “The Parking Lot Solution to Homelessness

  1. The first 3 posters are total morons. You three are very lucky not to have anything bad happen to you. Do you realize that all it takes is one medical problem and you will lose all the money you had saved fore retirement? Just because someone is still working at 67, doesn’t mean they didn’t make plans, you don’t know what went on in these people’s lives. Unlike the three of you, sometimes people have bad luck. Dara, replace someone who is better looking? What the heck is that? What do looks have anything to do with it? I have never heard anything so shallow in my life.

  2. It’s amazing at how folks decide to judge until the situation hits you! We’re all a bologna sandwich away from homelessness. Even the rich are falling beneath what they were able to afford. This woman prepared with her savings and that is even gone, sometimes there is only so much that you’re rainy day funds will cover after a continuos flood – (HURRICANE KATRINA).

    Get real people, it’s not that easy to get rid of possessions quick enough to accommodate for this society which we call “America”! I’m selling something every day out of my home (furniture, clothes, shoes, jewelry) and purchase no food to be able to afford to buy gas each day for work.

    America this and America that… America is cyphering money right from our pockets at the gas tanks and “America” will be fine once they leave office as “Americas” treasure is currently building each and everyday! Family: I’m trying to help my son take care of his since his wife lost her job, i. don’t have to eat, but the children need nourishment. She is stomping the pavement daily looking for anything to bring funds in, but remember, we started these lives before we knew that “America” would make such a mockery of our society as America continues to kill our soldiers with no conscious! Tell America to send his new son-in-law to war! Go talk to “America” and tell him that your children are starving right in his back yard and then see if “America” will open his eyes and bring our troops home to build a new America with jobs & opportunities so that those of us who work hard each day, can help ourselves and not “hold out our hands” to those who are more fortunate. And if you are that fortunate, why don’t you offer some opportunities that help the current situation, not gloat about what you think is a perfect life! Let someone in need cut your grass, wash your car, sit your dog or clean your house. Good grief! So many darn hipocrits! Have a great day “America”, pray and work hard for change, don’t just talk about change!

  3. If you were homeless, would you still drive an SUV and have a cell phone?

    Yes, this country has lost the touch of community, but what it has lost even more, is its ability to reason and to have common sense.

    I have two gas guzzlers, and I can afford to keep them around for a very long time. But I’m making the choice to sell both of them at a loss to save money in the long run. I have all my necessary insurance in place, so that if something does happen, I don’t need to worry, because that’s what insurance is supposed to do. I’ve made sure that my rainy day fund enables me to start a lifestyle somewhere within this country, if I were ever disabled. It wouldn’t be a SANTA BARBARA lifestyle, but I wouldn’t be able to afford that, just a meager one. I’d realize that, and be content.

    If I had to be thrown in the shitter right now, you’re damn right I would have a contingency in place, even if it means swallowing my pride and living with friends, or a shelter. I would sell my two automotive playthings for the cash that I would NEED to buy a geo metro, because THAT’S ALL I CAN AFFORD.

    It’s about living within your means people, and if your means are taken away from you, stop bitching and adjust to it, and figure out a way to climb back up. America was built by the strong and determined, not by the whiny and the needy.

    Basically, people are paying for this woman to maintain her connection to her children’s home, even though she can’t afford to. What they should be doing is encouraging her to see reality for what it is, a crapshoot, and deal with it. It sucks to be her at that age to be in this situation, but:

    1. It was avoidable. Based on the description in the news article, you really cannot deny that.

    2. You have to adjust with the times, even if it robs you of something you “think” your entitled to.

  4. Daniel, Harvey isn’t whining or imbued with the sense of entitlement you’re projecting on her. In fact she says, “You know what? This is OK for right now because I’m safe, I’m healthy, the dogs are doing OK and I have a job and things will get better.”

    Also, it’s a gross oversimplification to suggest “live within your means people” like that’s the magic answer everyone is too stupid to realize except for you. Income is stagnant and/or devalued while everything else is more expensive. People can’t suddenly get out from under a mortgage in this housing market.

    Yet, the point of this post is to note the love of men has waxed cold. Why stand up and be the poster boy for the point?

  5. I can only hope that some of the insensitive and uncompassionate people who wrote in end up homeless themselves someday. They may have another opinion. One of the main problems in this world are people like these who only care about themselves. Self centered in the extreme. It’s sad.

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  7. I agree with the poster who advised that the first three idiots (I would use a different word, but I’m sure it isn’t allowed) apparently have never had even one bad thing happen to them.

    Bully for you three superficial (at least one) scumbags! Upon college graduation in the late 1980s, I felt lucky to be offered $7.35 an hour by my first employer, as the economy was so bad most of my classmates couldn’t get work at all.

    That was after an auto accident the prior year in which a red light runner totaled my car, nearly killing me. I guess I should have planned that, yes? In any case, without witnesses and a lousy law firm, etc., the case settled for much less than it should have, and I continued to have problems with my neck, back, etc., throughout life.

    I also continued to get additional education and training, first as a travel agent, then a paralegal, then a certified nurse assistant, all of which offered me extremely low starting wages, usually minimum wage, despite the fact that I had a B.A.

    Meanwhile, I did manage to work quite a bit of overtime and live very cheaply (I was too tired and in pain to shop) to save money to make a down payment on a home and actually pay it off, but it was difficult through the years not only because my health problems kept getting worse but because the jobs that paid more were salaried positions working for bosses who interpreted the word “salary” to mean “constantly”.

    I am now on disability via my former employer and Social Security, and am in constant pain 24/7 with a neck that is in such bad shape even doctors have said they couldn’t understand how I functioned for so long with as much pain as I must be in.

    Surgery has been suggested, but it could completely paralyze me or result in a different kind of constant pain.

    I presume you first three are very young, inexperienced, superficial, greedy, materialistic, self-absorbed, (especially you, Dara: I hope your wealthy parents have a fund set aside for you to have all the plastic surgery you want and need, although I first suggest having your heart checked … to see if you have one, because chances are you don’t).

    As for E and Ron, you know fortunes can change; I’ve seen it first hand several times. You or your parents could be billionaires today and “white trash” tomorrow. Think about that before you judge anyone else.

  8. As far as you, The Corp, you’re right, we’re not all equal. People like you, who are convinced they are superior to everyone else on the face of the earth, who has decided he doesn’t want to live amongst the rest of us “peons” or “lepers” who make up the middle class, including the upper middle class, should merely get off the planet.

    Because I don’t want to live with people like you, and I’m sure most of the middle and upper middle class (and mere millionaires) would agree. People like you are just too good for us. As far as liberals not willing to part with their money, you are wrong there: As a liberal, I have given quite a bit to charities, etc. Apparently, you wouldn’t since you hate other people.

    Perhaps you could make us all as wealthy as you wish us to be by giving us each $1 million. I would invest mine in an FDIC insured Certificate of Deposit, however, because stocks I owned for decades previously performed very badly. Of course, being a “stupid” liberal, I would live off the interest and not spend my capital. Surprised that I know what I’m talking about?

    As I said, fortunes can change, up or down, down or up. Don’t forget that.

  9. Thanks for your story, Kat. I’m the moderator. The prevailing misanthropy is disheartening, isn’t it? It’s a strange inverse relationship between how Christian Americans think they are and how heartless they want their country to be.

    My sister and other relatives lived through Katrina. Lived in a formeldihyde (sp?) trailer. This is the first storm season I don’t feel terrorized at the thought of a storm.

  10. The problem with the RV Parking program is the agency turns your only home & safe place to be INTO A PRISON with restrictions & stipulations….IN YOUR OWN RV!

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