st paddy's day
Happy St. Patrick’s Day

There are three things my Irish descended family does best: Drink, Reproduce, and Fight. Since there will be no imbibing or copulating online, I’m only left with fighting for my St. Patrick’s Day tribute.

Here are the top 10 things pissing me off on St. Patrick’s Day.

  1. The Torture President
  2. Bear Stearns’ Corporate Welfare
  3. Blue Dogs
  4. Don Siegelman’s political imprisonment
  5. Character assassination of Whistleblowers
  6. War Criminal L. Paul Bremer
  7. China’s Savagery Against Tibet
  8. Darfur
  9. Iraq
  10. Bush’s post-Katrina disaster

11 thoughts on “Getting My Irish Up

  1. At the risk of trying to put out a fire with gas,might I also add:
    S.22-patriot act 2
    REX 84
    the recession/depression we are flying into.
    I could go on but I don’t see any point.
    Be on the look-out for big things coming.

  2. Yeah, I had to limit my list to 10, or I’d be sitting here all day. Feel free to add more.

    My sinuses and sore throat are also pissing me off, but I’m trying not to sweat the small stuff. 🙂

  3. garlic for the sinus’
    gargle with salt water for the sore throat
    and burbon for everything else.
    (the garlic won’t help your sinus’ but should keep people away from you)

  4. Thanks. Poor Maria is counting on me to help her with an English paper today, and I’m only about 75%.

    The salt water sounds like a good idea. I’ve been using hydrogen peroxide which tastes nastier.

  5. This is my St. Patrick’s Day brawl I had over at Down with Tyranny. I’m saving it for posterity.

    At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    SO, if this is the fault of GOP policies, should we embrace the liberal policies of complete government control over the economy?? Just thought I’d ask.

    At 7:27 AM, OpenID writechic said…

    Wow, good idea posting anonymously, wouldn’t want your false dichotomy a la home-schooled retard approach attached to your good name.

    At 7:40 AM, OpenID writechic said…

    “The laissez fairies who are all hands off when ordinary Americans lose their homes and jobs and savings– often due to corruption and incompetence at the top of the economic ladder– but when these big corporations start to totter, due to their own malfeasance, the government steps in with our tax dollars to save the day.”

    You, my friend (in the non-McCain sense), could read this bit on Def Poetry Jam.

    If the deified Market Forces were really allowed to determine what happens, Wall Street would have relocated to Bumfuck, Kentucky ages ago.

    Bear Stearns corporate welfare exploits the big lie that conservatives want a government so small you can drown it in a bathtube. They want government (as it represents the people) on its knees and at their service.

    At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    1) I was not homeschooled. I went to a private school. Even so, I still emerged smarter than the retards that go through the government-funded public school system.

    2)Government control over the economy isn’t going to solve anything. The free market should be allowed to work. Besides, corruption exists in government, the difference is that the government is not accountable to anyone. At least corporate execs must answer to their shareholders.

    3) As much as conservatives would LIKE to have smaller government, this has become impossible since the Great Society and the programs that it implemented (thank you LBJ, you liberal moron!)

    At 9:09 AM, OpenID writechic said…

    Oh, my bad, then I defer to the delicate, anonymous genius nurtured at Our Lady of Informal Logical Fallacies.

    Yet, the article never suggested implementing “liberal policies of complete government control over the economy.” It pointed to the hypocrisy of rewarding Bear Stearns with corporate welfare after it ran a business badly and fucked over its shareholders.

    Furthermore, “free market working” does not equal a government bailout. (That’s 10 knuckle raps with a ruler for you.)

    Your conservative hero, Bush increased federal spending by 45% in his first 5 years in office. So, you really just sound like a big, whiny pussy bringing LBJ into this.

    (And for that, bend over and take it like a man from Father Peter Phile.)

    At 11:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Go ass-fuck yourself!

    At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ….wait, I’m deeply sorry, wc. I did not mean “go ass-fuck yourself.”

    I meant I am a pussy, and I was wrong.

    At 12:17 PM, OpenID writechic said…

    Gee, anonymous, that was very nice of you. I accept your apology.

  6. so can you email me a link to this down with tryanny site you mentioned?
    thanks(oh yeah,Sea salt will work much better than iodized-I don’t know why)

  7. Anonymouse Anonymous is the perfect example of what happens when F Students and Bully’s select a C student pResident.

  8. “Our Lady of Informal Logical Fallacies” = Beautiful!

    I’m totally stealing it as soon as I have a chance to use it.

    : )

    My list would have looked a lot like yours, had I made one. But, I would have had to include:

    Stoopid Democrats who think it’s a good idea to vote with Bush on immunity for criminal telecom companies and eviscerating the Fourth Amendment.


    Those followers of false teachers and false prophets who call themselves the Religious Right.

    I’m not sure what I would have dropped to include those.

    Also, I would have substituted war criminal R. Bruce Cheney for war criminal L. Paul Bremer.

  9. Okay, Blue Dogs covered the mental Dems. But I can’t believe the Holy Rollers got away from me.

    Great to see you, Gene!

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