Union, South Carolina–Reporter Charmayne Brown was jumped by three angry relatives of a murder suspect. The relatives physically ganged up on Brown and yelled racial slurs. Her photographer Ti Barnes stepped in to help.

The assault on Brown included a punch in the head, and Barnes was hit as he tried to pull family members off the reporter.

Brown was not seriously injured.

“I think she’s more affected by the verbal abuse than the physical abuse. She’s really shaken up,” Alex Bongiorno, WSPA-TV News Director said.

The white camera crew at WYFF was not attacked. (They got the video.)

Three people were arrested. Police are looking for a fourth suspect.

South Carolina does not have hate crime laws.

UPDATESurprise.  Surprise.  This incident happened not far from The KKK store shown just 4 stories down in the “Ferraro on Crack” story.


6 thoughts on “Live from Crazy Town: Reporter Attacked

  1. Wow, black people really do have it easier. How advantageous the dark skin was under a gang of white fists.

    Plus, the white reporters did a fabulous job of getting the video rather than helping their colleagues.

    Geraldine Ferraro should use this in her defense. That family was obviously arrested because they are white.

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