Plumbers beware! Police in Virginia Beach will not abide the partially exposed butt crack.

Officers hauled away offending photograph ads from an Abercrombie & Fitch store and cited the store manager on obscenity charges.

A police spokesman said store management had been warned several times to remove the ads that show what patrons of plumbers, carpet layers, and carpenters see everyday.

The citation was issued under City Code Section 22.31.

The store manager is scheduled to appear in court.


10 thoughts on “Butt Crack Police Strike Back…sides…at a Virginia Mall

  1. I see this everyday… literally.I find it to be an offense to every fashion designer on the planet,and whoever started it needs to be forced to wear a BELT! I have even gone as far as to actually tell people exercising this”fashion faux pa” to” Pull your pants up,son,you look like a slob”. I just don’t get it.

  2. you’re just trying to cover your ass.

    who will be the butt of humor with these ads removed?

    where will police stash the booty of evidence?

    what a bunch of bums

    Say no to crack…

    I crack me up.

  3. In all seriousness, what is it hurting?

    Also, I find it entertaining that the police will busy themselves with trivialities such as “plumber’s crack”, but when it comes to catching drug lords, thieves, and murderers, they’re nowhere to be found.

  4. You know the police are very hard working folks and I have a lot of respect for who they are and what they do. That being said with budget cuts etc. they are trying to make ends meet by collecting on nuisance fees. And with that being said this is a violation of the stores rights and freedoms, as long as the poster is displayed inside of the store it should be of no concern to any authorities. However if it is a window or displayed to the public at large then they could violate local ordinances that they should have been aware of especially if they had been warned by the authorities in question.

    • Hi, DA!

      Local ordinance will get ’em every time. Gotta protect the women and children, ya know. 😀

      Have a great day!

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