I’m working on a post that grapples with the GOP leadership vacuum. To thoroughly think it through I’ve been trying to tally all scandals in the Bush administration. Wow. Scandal List dot info has 250 items on their list and they’re already linked. Slate has a scandal sheet from 2005. I’m going to go ahead and post the scandal list dot info items now and update as I find more. Keith Olbermann has been doing a segment called Bushed! which reminds people of scandals gone by the way side, but he only does 3 a pop. So, I’m off to research and see if there’s more, and if you remember one that’s not listed, please put it in the comments.

  1. 2000 Election Fraud (FL & other states, Diebold & More)
  2. 2004Election Fraud (Documented Suppression of Minority Vote in OH & other states)
  3. Paid Armstrong Williams to Promote Education Reform Without Citing Admin Funding
  4. Cheney’s Energy Task Force (Released Documents & WaPo Article)
  5. Jeff Gannon Journalist Mole/Closet-Gay Playmate (NSFW)
  6. Jack Abramoff (Modern Day Slavery & More)
  7. Katrina Response (Bush Debriefed on Conditions, Video & Timeline)
  8. Veto Stem Cell Research (First Use of Veto in 5 ½ years)
  9. Federal Funding for Churches to Distribute Community Based Services
  10. White House Rejects Most Foreign Aid for Katrina
  11. Carbon Dioxide (a Greenhouse Gas) Cannot Be Regulated as a Pollutant
  12. Kyoto Protocol Rejection
  13. New Nuclear Weapons Development
  14. Anthrax Letters (No Arrests/New Information)
  15. No Child Left Behind (Underfunding, Students Not Knowing How to Learn)
  16. Bankruptcy Bill (Ties to Credit Companies/Banks)
  17. Dick Cheney Saying, “Fuck himself,” on the Senate Floor
  18. False information disseminated on Jessica Lynch & Pat Tillman
  19. US Attorney Firings (Timeline)
  20. Torture World Wide Via Extraordinary Rendition (Torture Efforts Ramped up in ’05, Must Read Static)
  21. Falsification of Iraq WMD Claims (PBS Fails to Contradict Perle Claims)
  22. Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson Retribution & CIA Leak (Bush Knew)
  23. No-Bid Contracts (Afghanistan, Iraq, Katrina, next? Watch Iraq for Sale)
  24. Halliburton Gas Price Gouging
  25. Halliburton (Cheney CEO @ time) & Iran Dealings (Moving Offices to Dubai & More)
  26. NH Phone Jamming During 2002 Election (Sadly, Overturned)
  27. Bogus “Video News” Releases (Society of Professional Journalists & Details)
  28. Ground Zero’s Unsafe Air (Union of Concerned Scientists & Whitman Refuses to Testify)
  29. Karl Rove Meets with Companies He Holds Stock In (Enron & Intel)
  30. Justice Scalia Refuses to Recuse Himself from Cheney Energy Task Force Case (Roberts Does the Same)
  31. Bush’s National Guard Service
  32. Niger Uranium Forgeries (Bush Links Iraq & Niger in State of the Union Address)
  33. Sibel Edwards/Ashcroft FBI Translation States Secrets Cover Up
  34. Bin Laden Free (Possible Innocence in 9/11 & FBI Most Wanted Poster Last Updated 11/2001 & More)
  35. 9/11 Questions Remain Unanswered (Molten Steel at Foundation, Buildings Falling Into Their Own Footprints, WTC 7, Bush Lies in #57, Saudis Flown Out (Osama Might Have Chartered Their Jet), etc.)
  36. Enron & “Kenny-Boy” (Bush Helps Enron Profit from Torturers)
  37. Dollar Drops to Record Low Against Euro
  38. Mission Accomplished Carrier Production
  39. Monitoring Higher Education Courses & Teachings Via “International Studies in Higher Education Act of 2003”
  40. Bush Allows FBI to Confiscate Records of Business’ Customers Without Being Allowed to Notify the Customers
  41. Sending Troops to War that are Unfit for Battle (Extended Tours & Army Strained to Near Its Breaking Point)
  42. Walter Reed Scandal (Veterans Sue)
  43. Patriot Act
  44. NSA Spying on Peace Groups, et al. **UPDATE** Pentagon Shuts Down Database on Peace Protesters!!!
  45. Banning Photographers on U.S. Military Bases from covering the Arrival of Caskets Containing the Remains Of U.S. Soldiers Killed Overseas
  46. Paying Iraqi Journalists to Write Positive Accounts of the U.S. War Effort
  47. Inviting U.S. Journalists to “Embed” with Military Units but Requiring Them to Submit Their Stories to the Military for Pre-publication Review
  48. Military Erasing Journalists’ Footage of Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan
  49. Refusing to Disclose Statistics on Civilian Casualties
  50. Matteo Fontana Placed on Leave from the Department of Education for Receiving $100,000 in Stock from a Student Loan Lender
  51. Reducing Acceptable Levels of Arsenic for Gold Miners North of Yellowstone National Park (Wants Arsenic in Your Tap Water)
  52. Bush’s #2 Domestic Policy Advisor, Claude Alexander Allen, Going Down in a $5,000 Shop-lifting Spree
  53. Terry Schiavo Intervention Theatrics
  54. Guantanamo Detention (UN Urged Closure & Military Panels Flawed, a Sham)
  55. Guantanamo Torture (Prisoner Letter, Rumsfeld Pussyfoots, Force Feeding, More Details)
  56. Geneva Convention’s Provisions for Prisoner Treatment Labeled “quaint” By Gonzales
  57. Abu Gharib Torture & “Gitmo-iz[ation]” by Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller
  58. Erosion of Habeus Corpus
  59. August 6, 2001 President’s Daily Brief, c/o Condi Rice: “bin Laden determined to strike in the U.S.” (The Smoking Gun)
  60. U.S. Muslim Chaplain James Lee Falsely Accused of Aiding the Terrorists
  61. Bernard Kerik Nomination for Secretary of Homeland Security (Why Kerik Sucks)
  62. Robocalling Voters with Fake Democratic Candidate(s) Recordings
  63. Cheney Shoots Supporter in Face
  64. SAIC No-Bid Contract to Establish Iraq Media Network
  65. NPR and PBS Used as White House Propaganda Machine
  66. Car Bombs Excluded from Casualty Counts to Support Surge is “Working”
  67. Kidnapping of Haiti’s Democratically Elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide
  68. USAID Secretary Caught in Call-Girl Ring
  69. Abramoff Trading Favors with Justice Department Lawyer
  70. Use of RNC Servers for Official Gov’ment Business (CNN w/ NSFW Image)
  71. Medicare Total Cost Misleadings (The Donut Hole & Big Pharma and Insurers Get Some Action)
  72. REAL ID Act
  73. Bush Appointees Resign Under Clouds of Suspicion
  74. Continuation of Star Wars Program (Why It’s Probably a Bad Idea)
  75. Bullying North Korea During Korean Peninsula Reunification Talks (More)
  76. Domestic Surveillance (Illegal to Wiretap Domestically, Congressional Report, Media Falsehoods)
  77. No Fly List (Some for Attending Peace Rallies, Now Deemed Worthless)
  78. Presidential Signing Statement Policy that Institutes Rule by Decree (More & Examples)
  79. Immunizing Cheney, Rove, Libby, Armitage and Hadley from Prosecution for Outing a Spy by Declassifying Her Identity
  80. Paul Bremmer’s Loss of $12-Billion in Iraq
  81. Government Contracts for a 20,000 Strong Private Army (BLACKWATER USA Mercenary Army, Exempt from Rule of Law, Corporations Hiring Mercenary Armies)
  82. Reversing a Specific Prohibition in Law Against Unwarranted Searches of Registered Mail, by Decree
  83. Giving Medal of Freedom to Paul Bremer and George Tenet
  84. Paul Wolfowitz Nomination for World Bank President
  85. Bankrolling Al-Qaeda-related Terrorist Groups to Suppress Shiite Influence in Middle East
  86. Iraq War (Woodward Plan of Attack, Noam Chimes In)
  87. No-Bid Domestic Soil Detention Camps Built by Halliburton (More Sources)
  88. Warmongering with Iran (I’m Starting to Hate Tables, Polls Show U.S. Behind & Bush Authorizing Deployment Anyway! & Just Because We Say They’re “Terrahists” Means We Can Attack!, September Threats & NIE Says Iran Has No Nukes!)
  89. Adopting Pre-emptive Warfare Doctrine as U.S. Policy (One Gov’ment to Use Pre-emptive War)
  90. Ports Still Unsecured (PDF)
  91. Terrorism Protection Racket
  92. Using the Establishment of the Dept. of Homeland Security to Undermine Labor Laws and the Civil Service
  93. Contractors Using Foreign Labor for Iraq Reconstruction
  94. Failure to Protect the Iraqi National Treasures from Looting & Destruction (Military Had List of 16 Baghdad Locations to Protect, More)
  95. Conspiring to establish permanent colonial control over 70% of Iraq’s oil
  96. Plotting to Overthrow the Democratically Elected Government of Venezuela
  97. Sidestepping International Court of Law
  98. Selling Control Operations of 6 U.S. ports to the Dubai Port Despite Objections from Congress and the Public
  99. Bullying China with Aggressive Spy Plane Operations (China’s View)
  100. Breaking Non-Proliferation Treaty with Attempted Nuclear Arms Sales to India
  101. Much of Government Computer Infrastructure Run by Group with Terrorist Ties
  102. Establishment of White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
  103. Censoring Scientists from Issuing Factual Reports on the Threat from Global Warming (More Scientist Censoring, It Never Ends!)
  104. Adopting a Policy Refusing to Honor FOIA Requests
  105. Citizens Ejected from Taxpayer-Funded Bush for Anti-Bush Bumper Sticker (Nurse Wins Ticket Over Bumper Sticker)
  106. Reclassifying Information Long Held in the Public Domain (Opinion with Good Stats)
  107. Using “National Security” as an Excuse to Avoid Judicial Scrutiny and Punishment
  108. Malicious and False Prosecutions of Political Dissidents (Bolton Gets in on the Action, Media Threats, Prosecutors Digging for the Truth Not Immune & More)
  109. Stacking U.S. Courts with Religious Zealots (Role of Evangelicals)
  110. Recess Appointments of Controversial Appointees (ExxonMobil in Charge of Our Energy Policy?, The Gall Continues)
  111. No Real or Hard Evidence of Iranian Government Involvement of EFPs Appearing in Iraq
  112. Taking Iranian Diplomats Hostage Despite Being in Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi Government
  113. Alberto Gonzales “forgot” to Turn Over to Emails to Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald
  114. Cheney Says Congress Can’t Stop President from Continuing Iraq War
  115. For Purposes of Inquiry of the Executive Branch, Vice President Dick Cheney is a Member of the Legislative Branch, and for Purposes of Inquiry of the Legislative Branch, Cheney is a Member of the Executive Branch (TPM with More & Dick Claims to be Above the Law & More)
  116. Purging the CIA of Democrats & Replacing with Bush “Yes Men” (More)
  117. Firing a Career Three-Star General for Criticizing Troop Levels
  118. Sending Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz Misled Congress on True Cost of War (More)
  119. Firing a Public Official for Telling the Truth About the Cost of a “Medicaid Reform” (Original Knight-Ridder Article in .DOC Format)
  120. Using “Terror Alerts” to Manipulate the News Media and the Public (Timeline, White House Excuses, Bush Approval Rating Graph)
  121. Falsely Claiming to Have Foiled Terrorist Plots, Later Revealed as Fabricated Hoaxes (Kings’ Plot Goes Under & More)
  122. Expanding Neighborhood Watch Program to Include Terrorism(Jews Chime In)
  123. Administration Lauds Reconstruction Success, NYTimes Finds 7 out of 8 Failed (Knew Reconstruction Success Was Perilous Two Years Ago)
  124. Powell & Rice Declare Iraq Has No WMD and is Not a Threat
  125. Destruction of the Middle-Class (Krugman & More)
  126. Delay and Obstruction of 9/11 Commission (Reluctantly Embraced, 9/11 Commission Lapdogs & Finds No Link Between Al-Qaeda & Iraq)
  127. Condoleeza Rice Gets Memo on Al-Qaeda 9 Months Before 9/11/01 (PDF)
  128. Iraq WMD Intelligence & Facts Being Fixed Around Policy
  129. Letting Osama bin Laden Escape in Tora Bora
  130. Afghan Opium Production at Record Levels
  131. Terror Threats Increase Worldwide (Iraq Sees 91% Rise)
  132. Still Unprepared for Another Terrorist Attack
  133. North Korea Developing & Testing Nuclear Weapons
  134. American Ally Pakistan Sells Nuclear Material to Libya
  135. Favorable Opinion of America in Nosedive (Poll & Another Poll)
  136. Gasoline Prices at Record Highs (Cost of Barrel of Oil Goes Up)
  137. Tax Cuts Benefit Rich & Wealthy Most
  138. National Debt at Record Level & Rising (In Depth & Graph)
  139. Free Speech Zones & Threats Against Political Dissent (Behind Razor Wire[d])
  140. Loyalty Oaths (Gotta Sign the Line & Digby)
  141. Desire to Drill in Arctic Refuge (Other States)
  142. Bush Defends Most Corrupt Congressman, Tom Delay (Besides Duke Cunningham)
  143. Vetoes War Spending Bill
  144. No Iraq Exit Plan
  145. GSA Administrator Organizes Power Point on Federal Time to Encourage GOTV Efforts for the Republican Party
  146. Ignoring and Marginalizing Bereaved Parents of Troops KIA
  147. Taking Most Vacation Days of Any Standing President, Ever (Current Count)
  148. Undermining and Attempting to Privatize Social Security (Sneaks It In the Budget, GAO Finds Problems)
  149. Harriet Miers, Bush’s Right-Hand Evangelical Counselor, Appointed to Supreme Court (No Judicial Experience Needed & Withdraws Nomination)
  150. Worst Jobs Creation Record Under Any President (Likes Hoover)
  151. Coalition Provisional Authority Squanders Initial Iraq Construction
  152. US Fish & Wildlife Under Funding Forces Litigation, Vicious Cycle
  153. Delisting “eastern population[s]” of Gray Wolves from Endangered Species List & Northern Rockies Delisted Too
  154. Multiple Administration Insiders, Players and Counsel Support American Imperialism (In Depth, Where Are They Now, Video & Actual Document for U.S. Imperialism)
  155. Bush Appointing Anti-Consumer Safety Henchman to Top Position on Consumer Products Safety Commission
  156. Bush Continues to Harbor Known Terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, to Court Cuban-American Vote
  157. The Pet Goat Gets More Attention than Our Country Under Attack
  158. Frat Boy Personalities Die Hard
  159. Employing Human Rights Violators to Advise and Run Abu Gharib and Other Iraqi Prisons
  160. Use of White Phosphorous as an Offensive Weapon on Civilians During Fallujah Siege
  161. Administration Hates Reporters Covering the Murder of Civilians (Especially if They’re Muslim or Independent Iraqis & More)
  162. Saudi Royal Family Ties (Prince “Bandar Bush”)
  163. 2005 Energy Bill Eviscerates Environmental Protections & Gives Tax Breaks to Big Oil (Even Asked Energy Lobbyist for a Wish List)
  164. Bush Rejects One-Time Windfall Tax on Oil Industry (Most Profits of Any Company, Ever)
  165. Rumsfeld Gives Soldiers an Army Without Armor (Soldiers Forced to Dig Through Scrap to Up-Armor Vehicles)
  166. FBI Agents Tried to Warn Superiors and Government of Plots to Attack U.S. (One Named Time Person of the Year, ’02)
  167. Psy-Ops Staged Toppling of Saddam Hussein Statue (American Imperialism on the Loose)
  168. Bush Slashes Veteran’s Affairs Budget
  169. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Cases Increasing (Can Lead to Suicide)
  170. Pentagon Gets Creative with Troop Recruitment and Increases Dependency on National Guard & Reserves (Recruiting for Army Lowest in Years, Recruiters Sexually Assaulting Students, Recruitment Standards Dropping & NCLB Helps It All Happen)
  171. Administration Capitulates to Torture-Loving Uzbekistan in False Hopes of Securing Natural Gas Reserves
  172. Social Security Nationwide “60 Stops in 60 Days” Most Expensive Promotional Tour Using Government Funds (31 Administration Visit 127 Cities)
  173. Bush Laughs About Not Finding WMDs as Soldiers Die in Iraq (Video & Doesn’t Think Colbert is Funny When Jokes Turned on Him, Colbert’s Speech)
  174. Canada Sells $450 Million to White House, Bypassing Congress & Canadian Parliament
  175. Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (TFTP) May Violate International Finance Privacy Laws (Contributing Author, James Risen has More on Secret Intel Practices)
  176. Attack Dogs Unleashed on Michael Moore Weeks Before Cannes Film Debut of SiCKO
  177. Deregulation of FCC to Benefit Wealthy Via Appointment of Michael Powell
  178. White House Tied Law Firm Gets Ann Coulter Off-the-Hook for Voter Fraud Charges
  179. Violate Ashcroft’s Deathbed Seeking Legal Approval to Further Rape Civil Liberties (VP Cheney Confirmed at Meetings Dealing with Domestic Warrantless Wiretapping, Ashcroft’s Wife Disapproves, Go Figure!)
  180. Baghdad Embassy Set to Be World’s Largest (Construction Delays Help Cost-Plus Contractors)
  181. Karl Rove Enjoys Caging Voters
  182. Bush’s Religious-Zealot-Biblical-Capitalist-Gay-Basher-Pastor Exposed as Being Gay and Using Meth
  183. Appointing a Surgeon General Who Claims Gays Can Be Cured (Took Haggard Only 3 Weeks)
  184. Liberators Do Not Build Permanent Military Bases
  185. Egregious Violation of Presidential Records Act (Might Still Be Alive)
  186. U.S. Missile Base Splits Europe, Again (Russia Extends Hand to U.S., U.S. Rejects and Russian Relations Chill)
  187. Bush Rejects Congressional Subpoenas Claiming Executive Privilege
  188. Bush Commutes Scooter Libby’s Prison Sentence
  189. Cheney & Bush Declare Dictatorial Powers (Quiet Expansions of Martial Law, Section 1076: Bush as Dictator)
  190. Bush Administration Wants Your Child to Have Mercury Poisoning
  191. Homeland Security Spending Billions Secretly
  192. Pentagon Exempt from FOIA Requests
  193. Pentagon at Forefront of New Landmine Designs (Note to Pentagon: They’re Illegal)
  194. EPA Gets Helping Hand from Chemical Industry
  195. Pat Tillman White House Cover-Up (Death at Close Range, Fellow Soldier Disputes Final Moments & White House’s Word-Play Fiasco)
  196. Iraq Veterans Charged for Damaging War Equipment
  197. Bush Stifles Report Urging Action Against Poverty
  198. $20-Billion in Weapons to Country that Provided Most 9/11 Hijackers (The Controversy & More)
  199. Consumer Safety Protection Being Phased-Out
  200. Bush Administration Doesn’t Factor in Quality of Life when Examining Iraqi Re-Construction
  201. Gonzales’ DOJ Tips-Off Sen. Stevens (R-AK) of Impending Raid Despite Stevens Being the Key Bribery Suspect
  202. Christianizing the Pentagon
  203. Republican Ill-Maintenance of America (Note: Supports Defense that by Spending Less, Nation’s Infrastructure and People Suffer More)
  204. Draft Talk Started
  205. Military’s Main “Eyes & Ears” of Iraq are Being Slaughtered
  206. Cheney Thinks an Iraq Invasion is a Bad Idea (1994)
  207. Bush Administration Wants to Spin in Iraq, Not Win
  208. Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR) Knowingly Over-Charging Tax Payers, No Spending Limits in Iraq
  209. Clergy Shocktroops to Calm the Masses During Martial Law
  210. White House Office of Administration Is Above the Law
  211. Whistleblowers Jailed and Tortured
  212. GOP-lapdogs appointed to Iraqi reconstruction efforts over qualified experts
  213. Contractor Swindling (More Contractor Fraud, Custer Battles Nightmare)
  214. General Petraeus Aide Involved in Arms-to-Insurgents Fiasco
  215. Subprime Loans Mismanaged by Federal Government
  216. Red Cross Interviews of CIA “Black Sites” Leaked, War Crimes Trials Anyone?
  217. White House Faked Iraqi WMD-Capable Drone Photos
  218. Disbanding of Iraqi Army (Bush Can’t Recall Why They Did It)
  219. George Tenet Let Bush Brush Off Iraq No-WMD’s Assessment
  220. Iraqi Refugees Displaced by Our War Denied US Sanctuary
  221. Health Insurance Premiums for Families Up 78% Under Bush
  222. Iraq Was Never Intended to be a Nation
  223. Homeland Security Watching What You Read
  224. White House Political Prosecutions
  225. 1000 Citizen Arrest Attempts Denied
  226. Shadow US Government Grows Stronger, Robust
  227. Military Complains of Preferential Treatment and Lack of Control Regarding Mercenaries
  228. National Guardsmen Denied Benefits Despite Longest Iraq Tour
  229. Apartheid Mercenaries Called Upon by White House for Iraq Security Contracts
  230. White House Leaks New, Sensitive al Qaeda Intelligence Source to Fox News
  231. Never a Desire to Protect Iraq from Get-Go
  232. Iraq First, and Only, Country Placed on Most Endangered Cultural Sites (World Monuments Fund)
  233. US General Claims Bush Gave “Marching Orders” Regarding Detainee Torture (Commentary)
  234. Justice Department Terrorism Prosecutions Fail Consistently
  235. White House Heavily Edits CDC Report on Climate Change
  236. Blackwater USA Exports Silencers Abroad Without Prior Government Approval
  237. Military Suicides Not Being Counted as War Related (6,256 Veteran Suicides in 2005 Alone)
  238. Mass Beef Recall Due to Beef Corporation Lackeys Running Safety Oversight
  239. US Pre-Emptive Nuke List Exposed
  240. Coal Mining Protection Roll-Backs Destroying Appalachia
  241. Bush Administration Setting Stage for (Yet Another) New Pearl Harbor
  242. The Best Personnel Armor Our Government Won’t Buy (Inadequate Armor, Worthless Vest Protection)
  243. Bush’s Repeated Attempts to Cripple Children’s Healthcare (Timeline)
  244. CEO Submarine Joyride Ends in Sinking of Ehmie Maru and Death of 9 Japanese (Wiki, Not the Last Mishap)
  245. US Troop Desertions Skyrocket
  246. US Aid Directly Funding Terrorist Groups
  247. The (US) People vs. The (War) Profiteers
  248. Department of Justice Wanted 24,000 Amazon.com Customers’ Information (Fight this Bill or Else)
  249. “Massive Failure” in Government Accountability for Billions Spent and Weapons Lost
  250. Alabama Governor Don Siegelman Disappeared with the help of Karl Rove. Video of Dan Abrams discussing story.
  251. Young Haliburton/KBR employee gang-raped by coworkers. No criminal accountability. Congressional Hearings gather testimony.
  252. New U.S. Attorney General refuses to call waterboarding torture.
  253. CIA’s Destruction of Torture Tapes
  254. Let’s pull a Gulf of Tonkin with the Iranians and their speedboats. (Doctored Pentagon video here).
  255. CIA Director Michael Hayden admits the agency torturesa little.
  256. Child prisoner held years (nigh unto adulthood) in Guantanamo.
  257. I think suppressing an epidemiology study about environmental health risks that could affect as many as 9 million people because injury implies liability qualifies for the list.
  258. A Gitmo within Gitmo.
  259. Military seeking Death Penalty for 6 Guantanamo detainees. Nothing so convenient as executing witnesses to war crimes ie. tortured suspects. Apparently, the administration expects a guilty verdict since the “death chamber” was constructed back in 2003.
  260. Reported in Vanity Fair, President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and others backed an armed force which touched off a civil war in Gaza.
  261. “Ownership Society” Deregulation/Financial bailout scandal. (ht Nancy Young)

Okay, substitute the word “list” for “song” in this Sherry Lewis video.

23 thoughts on “Bush Scandals: A Work in Progress

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  2. That’s a pretty impressive list. I’m glad you found it. Amazing that one administration can get away with that much stuff. It’s more than 3 scandals per month for the last 7 years. I don’t see how his approval rating isn’t in single-digits.

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  5. Please cross post this – you’ve done the world a favor. I can post this on www,docudharma.com – initially home of all that left The Daily Kos but has come into its own

    Let me know – this is remarkable work

  6. Hi, Breathingstill. This is the work of scandallist.info. I’ve added about 9 more and it’s still not finished.

    I’ll check out your site. thx, melissa

  7. fine list, thank you for the effort put into making it. i’d like to put a link to it in my blog on myspace, and help a bit to spread the word around. amazing so little of this is getting any news, including campaign coverage.

  8. Wow, thanks for putting this together. I used to keep track on my own but became totally overwhelmed by the volume… back in ’05.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. What about the deregulation of Wall Street and the transfer of millions to the privleged few?

    With the derivatives and swaps (so called insurance products) behind the bundled sub prime, no doc loans that were bungled and sold on Wall Street, the banks and financial firms collapsed because they don’t have the capital to pay all the investors that want their money.

    That is the biggest rip off I have ever seen!

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  11. That is a guy with a long criminal record – who will never get a taste of Texas justice. Perhaps he will admit to his crimes against everything, make amends and become a monk. We can only hope.

    Thanks for the list.

  12. true… but ultimately, like the how a wise man once said: As a columnist, I realize that whatever amount of corruption I expose, half my readers will block it out, although they may get a frisson of joy in the process.

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